Now There is Finally Proof That Building Business Credit Works

Resource Marketing Solutions, a Business Credit Building agency, has recorded a call to one of their client's major credit card customers service reps in a effort to show proof right from the mouth of the credit card issuer that you can get a major credit card without signing a personal guarantee or giving out your social security number; thereby allowing you to fully separate your personal credit from your business credit. Now there is Finally Proof that Building Business Credit Works.

Colorado Springs, CO, June 27, 2008 --( There is a lot of hype on the Internet about Building Business Credit and with the Credit Crunch in full swing the interest in this subject has skyrocketed. However, even diligent research into Building Business Credit can still leave seekers skeptical that it can really work and prevents most from taking advantage of this exciting way to separate your personal credit from your Corporate credit.

RMS has tried to figure various ways to convince their prospects that indeed it is possible to Build Business Credit without using your social security number or signing a personal guarantee; but when prospects call around to a few banks or credit cards they get laughed out by bankers that tell you this is impossible. So it can be a hard sell and it's easy not to trust something that sounds too good to be true especially over the Internet.

RMS decided that the best way to show proof that it really is possible to Build Business Credit without signing a personal guarantee and not giving your social security number was to get a recording from a Major Credit Card Credit Department saying it themselves.

This is exactly what they have done... they have recorded a call one of their clients made into the customer service department to see exactly how his credit card was set up. He asked if they had his social security number and if he had any personal guarantee on the card.

The customer service rep indicated that it looked like they only had his Tax Id number but asked the client to hold while she checked with the New Accounts department to absolutely verify that there was no social listed on the account and that there was no personal guarantee.

After holding for a while the rep comes back with some good news and right from her mouth says, "no there is no social on this account and there is no personal guarantee."

To hear the entire call check out this link: Proof Building Business Credit Works

Hopefully this clears up a lot of the confusion about whether it possible to really get Business credit without signing a person guarantee and without giving your social security number.

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