Max Poker Bonus -- All That a Serious Poker Player Really Needs

Max Poker Bonus is a new poker portal that focuses on getting the best deals for their visitors. Special features like a Bonus Calculator make it easier to compare the promoted online poker rooms. The Poker Blog (which is available as RSS Feed) and Tournament Listing are important facets of the website. As it is still a new brand the feature list will be growing in the next months giving poker players even more incentives to check back frequently.

Vienna, Austria, June 28, 2008 --( As of June 2008 the new German speaking poker portal Max Poker Bonus has launched. The founders of the site refrain from the common practice of promoting a myriad of poker rooms and rather focus on a handful (or two, to be precise, as they intend to promote up to 10 poker rooms at any given time). The policy of Max Poker Bonus is to get the best value for their visitors and offer them the highest quality possible at all times.

"While we are aware that there are already a lot of successful affiliates out there, we are confident that we can offer something unique to poker players. We want it to be a win-win situation for all involved - that's the only way that you can do business. We want long term relations with our members as well as with the poker rooms we promote." says co-founder Giorgio Marrale. Despite the site being brand new and additional features being worked on in the background, the current status is already something to behold when compared to established affiliate sites. They were especially impressed by the Max Poker Bonus Rechner (Calculator) that lets you see the actual bonus in any room for easy comparison for any specific amount of money you would like to deposit. This is particularly useful if you plan on signing up to various online poker rooms with a set amount of money and want to know how to spread it in order to maximise your money's value.

Another sweet spot at Max Poker Bonus is their Turnier Liste (Tournament Listing) which is being updated regularly using XML feeds from their poker room partners and stored locally in order to being independable from possible short term cuts of the XML feeds. The filter option in that list allows to search for tournaments that suit any player's likings and playing style. Add to that a Poker Blog where the site owners as well as guest bloggers, including an Austrian Semi Pro Poker Player, will give their opinions and inside views on various topics.

The core of Max Poker Bonus - as with all professional affiliate websites - is of course to get the best deal for their players. Whether it is a special first deposit bonus in their promoted online poker rooms or special deals regarding reloads or the like, they noticed that they will offer better deals than a player would get otherwise. Additionally to that they really do care about customer satisfaction and will use their connections with the poker rooms in case their members need them on their side.

Max Poker Bonus is definitely a site to be watched over the next few months. "There are a lot of new features waiting and we are currently negotiating with various undisclosed poker rooms in order to offer even more to our visitors. This includes more Payment Methods that will be evaluated and explained in detail as well as a membership system including a forum." according to Kurt Jonke, the other co-founder of the brand.

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