Teleformix Announces Verdict ASR Audio Analytics Module for the ECHO Digital Recording Solution

Teleformix, LLC is proud to announce the release of Verdict, the audio and speech analytics module for the ECHO Digital Recording Solution.

Rolling Meadows, IL, June 28, 2008 --( Teleformix, a leading developer of CRM / eCRM Enterprise-Class Software applications and platforms, introduces Verdict, the newest module of the ECHO digital recording solution.

Verdict drives Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to enhance performance evaluation capabilities using client-defined queries and models in the call recording environment. Teleformix planned this ECHO module with an eye toward maintaining their commitment to best-in-class business flexibility. Verdict results are completely customizable and driven by client input.

This unique design allows Verdict users to determine which words, partial words or phrases will be flagged and to create unlimited profiles based on those selections. Profiles can be assigned to run company wide or pinpointed down to a single incoming phone number.

With Verdict’s comprehensive business intelligence and analytics, it’s easy to spot problem calls or angry customers. Verdict quickly searches calls for profanity or trigger keywords (such as “cancel”) and flags the call. Customer care performance can more easily be evaluated because Verdict can track whether or not the agent is using the approved greeting or phrases like “thank you.” Verdict also provides data mining, for example, evaluating whether callers mentioned “mortgage” versus “savings account.” With Verdict's fully adaptable criteria and responsive analytics, the potential advantages are limitless.

Verdict promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the speech analytics and CRM spaces. Teleformix built on advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to produce a customer-centric, fully adaptable data mining and analytics module. Verdict has been in limited production for over a year with results far exceeding expectations.

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About ECHO:

ECHO is a digital call recording, screen capture and monitoring platform that is designed to record, evaluate, monitor and archive customer interactions. With integrated, highly customizable quality assurance, agent access and e-training modules, ECHO delivers a wide array of tools for enhancing service and ROI. ECHO is a turnkey, self-contained system and is licensed based on concurrent ports in use. The available Web Services provide a truly Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) allowing simple integration between ECHO and any Web Services-enabled platform. ECHO interfaces seamlessly with Avaya and Cisco telephony solutions and can record TDM, VoIP or both. The browser-based front end allows great flexibility for any business model, with unlimited evaluations, categories, questions, users, user types and more.

About Teleformix, LLC:

Teleformix, LLC, a leading developer of CRM / eCRM enterprise-class software applications as well as the award-winning ECHO Digital Recording Solution, offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to manage business transaction challenges by leveraging current infrastructure, optimizing performance and providing a rapid ROI. Teleformix provides customizable and highly scalable applications and platforms that seamlessly integrate into any existing business architecture. Incorporated in 1998, Teleformix is based just outside of Chicago, IL. For additional information, contact Teleformix at 1-800-513-4000, or visit

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