Farewell 43: a Parting Gift from We The People

New website and book project lets every American write a personal farewell message to their departing President.

Los Angeles, CA, June 28, 2008 --(PR.com)-- For the first time in 219 years of U.S. Presidential politics, every American can say farewell to their departing President.

Farewell 43 is the first Presidential Farewell Gift Book project where, between now and the next presidential inauguration, anyone, anywhere, can post his or her personal farewell message to the departing 43rd President of the United States. Upon close of submissions, messages will be culled into a commemorative gift book to be given to Mr. Bush.

“It’s a parting gift from ‘We the People’.” says Justin Parker, creator of Farewell 43. “The goal of the project is to collect a variety of thoughtful, well-composed messages from across the entire spectrum of society – individuals, class projects, you name it. We want to give everyday people a chance to communicate a little more directly with their President. Everyone is encouraged to participate.”

Farewell 43 is unbiased, unaffiliated, and politically neutral; equally an opportunity to praise as it is to criticize. “What you choose to write is completely up to you,” says Parker, “we simply provide the place for you to write it.”

Messages must be on topic (a farewell message to the departing president), between 20 and 200 words long, and your own original creation. Free speech is the order of the day, and other than a few mandatory submission guidelines designed to keep messages polite and to help prevent spam, pretty much anything goes. There is a limit of one message per person.

People are strongly encouraged to take their time writing and to craft a well thought out, well composed, and original message. The book will be a collection of the best of the best of these messages. The website however, will post all messages submitted.

In addition to posting a message, visitors to Farewell43.com can read other messages (the website translates into 11 languages using Google Translate), comment on messages, rate messages, and share messages with friends via email. There is also a section to view and submit Farewell 43 photo messages.

For those who want some help writing their message, Farewell43.com has writing tips and resources all designed to help you compose a message without influencing your opinion or what you may choose to write about.

Farewell 43 submissions close January 20, 2009 upon the swearing in of the 44th President.

Plans for Farewell 44 are underway.

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