Author Challenges Kids to Point Out What Makes Them Different

Inspired by daughter and her rare genetic syndrome, author releases children’s book challenging kids to point out their own differences.

Oklahoma City, OK, June 28, 2008 --( At two years old, Keira Robinson, is unaware she is different. Born with a rare genetic syndrome called Nager’s Syndrome, Keira lives with physical differences which cause her to use a trache to breathe through and eat through a feeding tube. Natalie Slaughter, mother to Keira and author, was inspired by her daughter’s tenacity to be included in such simple things as eating food through her mouth, released a children’s book challenging other children to point out their own differences.

How Are We Different? done in a simple black and white, begins by pointing out all of Keira’s physical similarities and then goes on to point out Keira’s physical differences. The book tells children that it is okay to be different and then challenges them to point out how they are different from others.

“I don’t see Keira’s physical differences anymore,” says her mother and author, Natalie Slaughter, “but I know one day soon she will think she looks different and so will other children. With this book, my hope is, she can say that while she may look different to them, they look different to her, and that is okay because we all have different features it’s what set us apart from each other.”

Not only is Ms. Slaughter hoping to help her daughter in learning how to cope with her differences but she is also hoping to help other children with physical deformities.

How Are We Different? can be found at Ms. Slaughter’s online store - and can be purchased there as well. For any further information, you may contact Ms. Slaughter by either phone or email.

Ms. Natalie Hope Slaughter

Ms. Natalie H. Slaughter