The Personalities of the Hebrew Alphabets Unveiled

Ken Nunoo author of the book “The Seed Master” says he has unveiled the personality of each of the letters of the Hebrew alphabets and has described their nature in the book “The Seed Master.”

Bayonne, NJ, June 29, 2008 --( Ken Nunoo explained that each Hebrew alphabet is like a living spirit with a number, a gender, and a personality. The Hebrew alphabets from Aleph to Tau are twenty two in number with eleven male and eleven female letters. It is the personalities of each of the alphabets that is the driving force behind tarot divination. These personalities manifest and express themselves through human beings, and intrinsically describe our human nature. In other words, the personalities of the Hebrew alphabets and our human personality are one and the same. The personalities are the components of a name, a word, a place or a thing. As an example, the word Barak, is written in Hebrew as Beth, Resh, Kaph. The personalities contained within these letters are as follows:

In the book the Hebrew letter Beth has a numerical value of one, the gender is male, and the personality is as follows: The Hebrew letter Beth has the nature of unifying people together, its role is that of magnetism, that is the unifying force that brings people together. It brings out love and cultivates hidden friendship between people. It links one level or plain to the other; links friends together, brings families together, and gather people together in general. Its numerical value is one, that of unity. It is the house that unites people together under its roof, whether it is a school, social organization, or any place where people gather together is the presence of Beth. As it is the force that unifies people, situations, events, conditions, loved ones, friends, races, and all that needs to be unified as one is accomplished by the letter Beth. It is the cement, glue and paste, so to speak that bonds things together.

The numerical value of Resh is nineteen and its gender is male. The personality of the Hebrew letter Resh is associated with everything that has to do with transportation, vehicles and creatures of transportation, whether horses, carriages, cars, airplanes. To get from point “A” to point “B” one either walks or uses some means of transportation. Our reliance on transportation plays a major part of our lives and it shapes the success or failures of many ventures.

The person relies on their vehicle to go to and from work every day. The car being the main source of transportation may determine whether he or she gets to work on time or constantly late. It may result in the person being terminated because of being late often and not having reliable transportation. Transportation today practically determines the future outcome of our lives, our livelihood and success and failures of our ventures, activities and plans.

To get from one country to another country these days may require the use of airplanes or ships. These sometimes even run into issues and one does not sometimes arrive safely at their destination. Resh is the agent of transportation and also the workers in transportation. When Resh manifests it is either referring to the means of transportation or a person whose profession is associated with transportation. Examples are taxi drivers, horse and carriage driver, a pilot of airplane, the sailor of a boat including the captain any workers in the boat. Resh is the governing agent, and transporter of things to and fro, and the transportation itself.

The numerical value of Kaph is eleven and its gender is female. The Kaph personality is the shoulder on which people want to hang their heads and share their problems. The kaph personality carries burdens of others on its shoulders, and he provides counseling, moral supports, advice wisdom, and guidelines to many.

The shape of the letter Kaph is the shoulder blade of a person. When you want a shoulder to cry on, you find the kaph personality and he will be willing to let you cry on his shoulder. The kaph personality has leadership skills; he inspires confidence in others, he is a role model, he is stable in his ways, he is confident, he is wise, he is reliable, on time, unwavering in his goals and pursuits, he is a man no doubt of himself as a man, unafraid to express his mind, yet cautious with a bridle on his tongue. He eloquently expresses his thoughts and ideas, and leads his sheep to safety. He can lead a family well, he can lead an organization well, he can lead people well. He is a teacher, a prophet, counselor, a leader of an organization, a king or queen trustworthy as a person. These are the characteristics of the kaph personality; the broad shoulder of knowledge, wisdom and experience to rely on.

These are the basic inherent characteristics within the word Barak, written in Hebrew as Beth, Resh, Kaph. The personalities, and genders of the remaining alphabets are given within the book “The Seed Master, which is available on, and many online book stores.

Ken Nunoo