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Discover the Healing Power of Guided Imagery

Dr. Marty Rossman, founder of The Healing Mind will appear on the Access to Health Experts interview series to explain his theory of guided imagery and the power of the mind/body connection.

Asheville, NC, June 30, 2008 --( Physician, author, speaker, researcher and consultant, Dr. Marty Rossman, creator of the Guided Imagery for Self-Healing Book and CD set and founder of The Healing Mind will appear on the July 9th Access to Health Experts teleseminar series. He will discuss his theory of guided imagery and share his long-standing interest in the practical importance of attitude, beliefs, emotions, and mind/body practices in medicine and health.

According to Dr. Rossman, guided imagery teaches the use of imagination in order to achieve optimum wellness. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) estimates that 75 to 90 percent of office visits to primary care physicians are stress-related. Stress reduction is important because stress has been linked to every major cause of death in the United States. Guided imagery combines deep relaxation and positive suggestion in order to significantly reduce stress levels. Eight studies conducted between 1983- 1995 reported on groups of surgical, cardiac, and cancer patients, smokers, and others reporting high stress levels. After guided imagery sessions, they had significantly less self-reported stress; physiological measures of stress, and anxiety when compared to control groups.

In addition to stress management, guided imagery can help in changing health habits like eating and exercising. Dr. Rossman’s approach to wellness emphasizes the power of self-healing. Guided Imagery is safe, effective, inexpensive, and has side benefits instead of side effects. While people already have this power, they probably have never been taught to use it. It's the power of the mind/body connection.

In this informational teleseminar provided to you by Innovative Healing, you will learn:

· What Guided Imagery is
· How to reduce stress, relieve pain, change lifestyle habits
· How to stimulate healing responses in your body
· How to use breathing, relaxation, self-suggestion and visualization to live with more wellness

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About Dr. Marty Rossman
Dr. Rossman is the author of Fighting Cancer From Within, the award winning self-help book, Guided Imagery for Self-Healing, and has written many articles and book chapters on imagery, mind/body medicine and integrative medicine. He is also the creator of dozens of guided imagery audios and home study courses for both the public and professionals.

About Access to Health Experts:
Access to Health Experts is a monthly teleseminar interview series hosted by Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN. The program features interviews with many of the most prominent and authoritative experts in integrative medicine. Dr. Lipski is Director of Doctoral Studies at Hawthorn University, a nationally-known nutritionist, and author of Digestive Wellness and Digestive Wellness for Children. Access to Health Experts is a membership website for health professionals and health consciousness consumers. It is a major resource for corporate wellness and health professional education programs.

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