New Book on Religion Shows Teachings of Jesus Came from Buddha

“Buddha’s Big Foot,” is now available on and Createspace (; this new book by Robert Korczynski explores history, religion, linguistics, and numerology, to conclude that all of Christianity is sourced from the teachings of the Buddha.

Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 2008 --( New book by Robert Korczynski, “Buddha’s Big Foot,” presents the well-documented evidence that a Jewish man was not the first person to speak the words of Jesus; all of the, “New Testament,” books of the, “Bible,” turn out to be sourced from the teachings of the Buddha.

The hidden roots of Christianity, and the roots of many other Religions are woven together with Buddhism to reveal original meanings in the words of Jesus.

Expanding on the revolutionary work done by the Danish linguist Christian Lindtner, “Buddha’s Big Foot,” explores the teachings of the Buddha from the perspective of their impact on Religions throughout time, and their continued invaluability in today’s world.

U.S. customers can buy the book on, while International and U.S. customers can buy the book directly from Amazon’s publisher, Createspace. Simply copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Robert Korczynski is also the author of, “An Anti-Cancer Diet,” (sold thru and Createspace) and has a website supporting it at

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