Tiger Cub Survives Attack from Its Father

New Castle, DE, June 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- A tiny tiger cub in India, named Kotarou, escaped a savage attack from his own father, a tiger called Abhik Adhir. And so the tale of The Tiny Tiger begins. Author, T.K. Nadajja, takes us on a journey of love, tragedy, and hopefully forgiveness, as a young tiger destined to be King has to overcome many obstacles: both outwardly and inwardly. Set in the jungles of India, The Tiny Tiger has adventure, twists, humor, and reveals the sometimes painful lessons life has to offer.

T.K. Nadajja has been telling stories for many years. His often sporadic tales often go unpublished, but through the encouragement of others, mostly children, he has begun to pen his verbal parables. Each tale always teaches a lesson, and The Tiny Tiger is no exception.

This has also become a timely tale as news of the present tiger population appears to be grim. Brian Handwerk, of National Geographic News, wrote of the diminishing tiger community, “Their numbers have been decimated by habitat loss, hunting, and thriving illegal trade in their skins and body parts...” (National Geographic News, July 20, 2006) It is a great hope that this manuscript will spark a new interest and affection towards one of the mightiest cats in the world.

T.K. Nadajja travels about the United States, inspiring those with little hope and encouraging those who have fallen on hard times. He finds great joy in traveling with his family, helping those in need, and trying to write down all those stories in his head. The Tiny Tiger is independently published by Always Hopeful Publishing through the on-line publisher, Lulu.com and can be found at http://www.lulu.com/content/2225721.

Always Hopeful Publishing
Nick Kiszenia