Astrological Word Decoding

Christine Giacchino just released Astrological Word Decoding, a book on decoding words through astrology and tarot to find their hidden esoteric meanings. A revival of an old science has been resurrected.

Batavia, NY, June 30, 2008 --( Modernized Tarot & Astrology Gematria Book Resurrection of an Old Art: Author Releases a Resurrected Science.

American Author Christine Giacchino released today, “Astrological Word Decoding”, a groundbreaking resurrection of an old hermetic science based on decoding words through the two arts of Tarot, and Astrology, that deciphers and reveals the esoteric and hidden meanings of any word or name.

Researched for three years her book reveals an updated modernization originally revealed by the authors, Paul Foster Case, C.C Zain, and John H. Dequer, into a new format using controversial meanings that are to be found in esoteric writings from different Hermetic viewpoints.

The following quote from the book, Royal Road: A Study in the Egyptian Tarot, Key to Sacred Numbers and Symbols by, George Fatham states: “By learning the zodiacal signs, planets, numbers, and keywords ascribed to the various cards, we can master the vowels and consonants of a cosmic alphabet.” This is the scope of this book, the meat of its existence, its core.

This book is meant to be a manual of this science, the hermetic scope is indeed revealed. Included in this book is a how to of creating an astrology chart via words and names, astrology terms, astrology interpretation via word modernization, tarot meanings via word modernization, and a whole chapter of gematria values.

Christine Giacchino is 26 years old and has practiced and studied tarot and other occult subjects from the age of 11 and onward. She presently resides in Batavia New York. Her book can be found at: is the premier marketplace for digital content on the Internet, with over 300,000 recently published titles, and more than 4,000 new titles added each week, created by people in 80 different countries. Lulu is changing the world of publishing by enabling the creators of books, video, periodicals, multimedia and other content to publish their work themselves with complete editorial and copyright control. With Lulu offices in the US, Canada the UK and Europe, Lulu customers can reach the globe.

Christine Giacchino
Christine Giacchino