New Book Release About Downs Syndrome, Autistic Catatonia and Bipolar Disorder

A life story written by a parent of a child with Downs syndrome, autism, catatonia and bi polar disorder. Covering 22 years of his life, the book contains actual test results, symptoms prior to each disorders diagnosis and many personnel thoughts. Not your usual "I am the parent of a disabled child" book. The book gives insight to the pre-symptoms of each listed disorder, treatments and medication for each, along with thoughts and feelings and hilarious stories about Eli. He is the star.

Westerville, OH, July 02, 2008 --( Parent/author, Carol Surber has published her first book from 22 years of journals only for her personnel reason. Now the information is public and published on, the premier marketplace for digital content on the internet, with over 300,000 recently published titles, and more than 4,000 new added each week, created by people in 80 different countries. Lulu is changing the world of publishing by enabling the creator of books, videos, multimedia and other content to publish their work themselves with complete editorial and copyright control. With Lulu offices in the US, Canada the UK and Europe, Lulu customers can reach the globe.

Her notes eventually held pre-symptoms and educational knowledge in the areas of medical and psychological issues her son developed. Diagnosed at birth with Downs syndrome, Eli entered the world of Autism before age three.

Medical and psychological conditions are, and will always be present in people. New parents, as well as educators in the fields of special education, are always searching for information to help them with issues involving these special persons.

Included are notes on symptoms before diagnosis in the areas of autistic catatonia, and bipolar affective disorder. Un-realizing her notes would possibly help and educate interested persons searching for answers in the listed areas. Included are actual testing results for Catatonia and psychological test results for IQ levels. Personnel stories and her thought are included.

The title is “It’s Ok Eli” Available at Barnes and Noble.

Google the author's name to visit her storefront. The imageloop will show Elis' pictures.
Carol Surber