Pixel Revolution in India

A revolutionary advertising technology at extraordinary low cost

Kanpur, India, April 16, 2006 --(PR.com)-- There was a time when advertising at such a low cost up to 20 paisa was unimaginable but now its here and it is completely real. A revolutionized way of advertising is introduced in India. 

The concept is based on pixels and inspired by Mr. Alex Tew of UK who has launched it first in UK. The idea is very simple pixels i.e. space on website indianmilliondollarpage.com will be provided to buyer and they will be able to put their advertisements on the site. 

The whole process takes only few minutes. Anybody can advertise through this media whether a big corporation giant or a small company, anybody who want to be a part of Indian internet history. 

The buyer have to just go to indianmilliondollarpage.com and there they can put their advertisement. Now their ads are visible to millions of internet user of whole world and a new gateway for their business is open to the world, now through this medium they will be in reach of those millions of users.

Though the idea is based on Alex’s model. A lot of innovations has been done. Like there are 12 different categories like business, sports, entertainment, arts, science and technology on which user can put their ads.

The advertisement will be open to only Indian companies. Online payment system is provided to the buyers. Buyer can change their advertisement at anytime. 

The advertisement will be online for at least 2500 days i.e. almost 7 years. The cost for one block (10 by 10 pixels) is set as $10 i.e. around INR 450 in regular offer. In promotional offer pixels will be available at free of cost and offer is open for 10 days.

Also there is a plan to donate some money for a noble cause to an NGO (It might be CRY or CARE).

Indian Million Dollar Page
Sarvesh Kanaujia