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Colorado BioScience Association

Colorado Confirmed as Top Bioscience State by National Rankings

It’s been a banner year for Colorado in the highly competitive state rankings arena. Genome Technology’s June publication ranks Colorado as one of the top 20 biotech locations in the world, and the Families USA Global Health Initiative Report ranked Colorado fourth among states that generated the most economic activity per dollar of funding from the NIH. Further, Colorado placed in the top five of all five categories in the Milken Institute’s State Technology and Science Index.

Denver, CO, July 02, 2008 --( “According to recently released national rankings, Colorado is a fertile state for bioscience and technology initiatives, and we’re incredibly thrilled,” says Chris Shapard, Deputy Director of the Colorado Bioscience Association (CBSA). “It’s nice to see other non-biased sources confirm what we’ve always known. Denver/Boulder was included in Genome Technology’s 20 Best Places For Biotech plus concurrently we were ranked fourth by the Families USA’s Global Health Initiative among states that generated the most economic activity per dollar of funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and to top it off, we placed third ahead of California in the Milken Institute’s State Technology and Science Index.”

Genome Technology’s June article about the top 20 Biotech locations in the world includes Colorado’s Denver/Boulder market: “With some 10,000 people employed in biotech, the Denver/ Boulder corridor in Colorado got a major boost recently with the reassignment of the Fitzsimons Army Medical Center as a bioscience park. Located in the Denver metro area, the park teams research facilities for the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Hospital Complex with the Children's Hospital as well as dedicated incubator and office space. By 2010, planners expect employment at the Fitzsimons site to reach 19,000 people. In 2006, Amgen said it would fund a $150 million expansion of its manufacturing plant in Boulder.” The article is available by subscription at

According to a Families USA’s Global Health Initiative report, Colorado ranked fourth among states that generated the most economic activity per dollar of funding from the NIH. For every dollar of NIH funding, Colorado generated $2.34 in business activity, only Texas, California and Georgia ranked higher. In 2007 Colorado received approximately $336 million in NIH funding generating a total of $787 million, the report said.

The 10 states that generated the most economic activity per dollar of NIH funding were Texas ($2.49), Illinois ($2.43), California ($2.40), Georgia ($2.36), Colorado ($2.34), Pennsylvania ($2.32), Tennessee ($2.32), Utah ($2.30) Ohio ($2.29), and New Jersey ($2.26). The report is available at

Colorado placed in the top five of all five categories of the Milken Institute’s State Technology and Science Index, moving ahead of California in the new overall rankings. Milken ranked Colorado second in the concentration of scientists and engineers.

Milken’s 2008 State Technology and Science Index looks at 77 unique indicators that are categorized into five major components: Research and Development Inputs, Risk Capital and Entrepreneurial Infrastructure, Human Capital Investment, Technology and Science Work Force, and Technology Concentration and Dynamism. It is one of the most comprehensive examinations of state technology and science assets ever compiled. For the report, visit:

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