Webswell Has Launched Openreach WLR3 Integration Platform as a Hosted Solution

Webswell Europe has launched a new hosted portal service that allows Communications Providers (CP) to migrate onto the BT Openreach WLR3 easily without need of deploying of WLR3 gateway in-house.

London, United Kingdom, July 05, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Webswell Europe has launched a new hosted portal service that allows Communications Providers (CP) to migrate onto the BT Openreach WLR3. By 2010, all Communications Providers are required to migrate to WLR3 platform in order to make the wholesale line rental services automated and transparent. While larger CPs will build their WLR3 gateways integrated with the back-end systems (functionality covered by Webswell telConnect and Webswell telConnect Enterprise), smaller CPs may face the problem of financing the licences, deployment, integration and maintenance of such gateways. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will be relatively high taking into account smaller traffic they usually generate. The WLR3 Gateway as a hosted service can reduce significantly the TCO while providing high availability of service and guaranteed maintenance.

The Audience
The Webswell WLR3 Portal hosted service is intended for:
- Small to mid-sized Communications Providers who can't afford or do not need, for any reason, the in-house fully integrated WLR3 Gateway
- Communications Providers that want to try the integration with BT Openreach WLR3 before they invest in in-house integrated solution
- Communication Providers that want to use the service as a backup in case their in-house solutions fail

Why use Webswell WLR3 Portal?
- Guaranteed availability of service
- No license fees
- No need to keep ebXML & related know-how in-house
- Very low setup costs; periodic payments and/or per-message payments
- Free maintenance, updates and upgrades
- Web-based GUI interface and/or email-based interface. Creating WLR3 documents using html forms
- Complete message audit trails available anytime/anywhere needed (web-based); Message archive
- Statistics and managerial overview over all account
- Customizable email event notifications (receiving/sending/error occurrence /etc.)
- Possibility to upgrade seamlessly to fully in-house integrated solution Webswell telConnect/ telConnect Enterprise.

Key WLR3 Coverage and Features
- WLR3 Fulfilment support (examples): AddOrder, AmendOrder, CancelOrder, OrderPending, OrderRejected, OrderStatusUpdate, ...
- WLR3 Assurance support (examples): AddTroubleReport, TroubleReportPending, TroubleReportRejected, TroubleReportStatusUpdate, ...
- WLR3 Issue Management (examples): AddIssue, AmendIssue, CancelIssue, IssueStatusUpdate, IssuePending, IssueRejected, ...
- WLR3 transactions (request-response, status updates)

About Webswell: Webswell is a global integration company specialized in building ebXML, AS2, EDI and Web Services integration solutions and providing related consultancy. Webswell's mission is to help companies of any size and industry to build business integration solutions and exploit benefits that such integration provides. Webswell also produces software infrastructure for SOA. For more details please visit their website.

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