Immigration Issues, Baseball, and the Queen Discussed on Podcast for Writers and Authors

Writers in the Sky July Podcast Guests Will Address Baseball, Queen Vernita, and Keeping America’s Borders.

Nashville, TN, July 05, 2008 --( What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday than to talk about our ancestors, and those who fled monarchy rule and immigrated to America to make this nation what it is today? And, what Independence Day would be complete without a game of baseball regardless of whether it consists of children playing in the backyard or pros in the downtown stadium? And, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the event with family, friends, and children? Writers in the Sky Podcast has all three components covered as four guests are interviewed on this writing, publishing, and book marketing show.

On July 4, Olof A. Eriksen will be Barbara Milbourn’s guest as he discusses his book, Memoirs of an Immigrant—an autobiography of a man who overcame a lifetime of adversity. This true story takes readers from the Land of the Midnight Sun to America, and from World War II until today. Eriksen will talk about his family’s legal entry to the United States and their plight to integrate into society. It portrays one man’s ability to rise above impossible circumstances to build a victorious life. For more information or to contact the author or illustrator, visit

The immigration theme is changed with a children’s book author added to the mix when Dawn Menge introduces the beloved characters of her Queen Vernita series on July 11. Dawn has a master’s degree and a clear credential in special education. She has worked with the severely handicapped population for eleven years. She combines imagination with practical skills to make learning fun in the characters and kingdom of her Queen Vernita series of children’s books. Queen Vernita's Visitors takes place in the land of Oceaneers, and is a story woven around Dawn's 87-year-old grandmother and other family members, which include her parents, children, grandchild, nieces, nephews, and childhood friend.

On July 18 Washington, D.C. author and award-winning journalist Kelley Dupuis will be interviewed by Sarah Moore regarding the writing, publishing, and marketing of his recently-published book, Three Flies Up: My Father, Baseball, and Me. Kelley Dupuis explores two themes: one universal and one uniquely American. The perennial theme of fathers and sons forms the backdrop for the story of the author’s long, usually-troubled relationship with his own father, a career border patrolman who grew up both poor and largely without a father in his own life, and as a result had no role model for being a father himself. As the author grows up in the 1960s and 1970s, father and son are at logger-heads more often than not. Read more at

Bridget Lenox, author of Beyond the Border, will share grueling stories about the mistreatment of illegal aliens sanctioned by State and Federal authorities when she is interviewed by Sarah Moore on July 25. In 1979, four of the toughest boys in town vomit and weep when they stumble across border patrol agents who covertly exterminated caged, illegal aliens with kerosene and a single cigarette. Later, as adults, two of the boys discover that the same practices still secretly exist and are sanctioned by both the State and Federal authorities to further political careers. Beyond the Border is a story about an attorney, Mike Phillips, fighting for the rights of illegal aliens—unknowingly and feloniously aided by a Columbian ally—but undermined by a staircase of politicians and political platforms that escalates to the presidency. ISBN: 9781598009217. Read more at and

The legal and illegal sides of keeping our borders and controlling who is allowed to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave are a controversial topic. No matter what your view on this issue, these interviews and author’s books will touch your heart and open your eyes.

“Our writing podcast usually does not have a theme, but the topic of immigration and summer activities kept popping up,” says Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services, which produces the podcast. “It worked out well to group these authors in close proximity to give more emphasis on the holiday and these important issues.”

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