Bikini Myth Crumbles as the Truth About Bikinis is Revealed by Hot New Aussie Swimwear Design Team at Mercedes Australia Fashion Week

Proof that the Bikini was invented thousands of years ago dances down the catwalk when Aussie Label MaraJoara launches their 2006 Spring/Summer Collection at Mercedes Australia Fashion Week.

Sydney, Australia, April 17, 2006 --( It was St Tropez's Club 55 that gave prominence to bikinis in the French Riviera - but its not quite ground zero in the Bikini World. That distinction belongs to the actual ground zero itself: to Bikini, the Pacific atoll on which A-bombs were tested in 1946. In this same year, Louis Réard, a French auto engineer who was running his mother's lingerie business, named his new two-piece, atom-sized swimsuit for the test site, and the rest is history: The bikini was born - or so Fashionistas would have us believe.

But in fact did you know that the ancient MaraJoaran people taught us thousands of years ago that fashion is truly an iconographic language. By A.D. 400, the first chiefdom societies of the Amazon region emerged on the floodplains of Marajo Island, at the mouth of the Amazon River, their women wearing Tangas - thin triangular concave ceramic pieces proving that the bikini came from the jungle long ago. When these women bathed archeologists profess that the tribespeople would tie these ceramics to their bodies to communicate their social roles, gender and status in such a manner that they resemble the bikinis of today - proving in fact that bikinis have been around a lot longer than 1946.

Influenced by this ancient tribe, and fuelled by the desire to produce garments that made a modern man and woman feel the beauty and sensuality of Rio and in touch with the essence of life, the dynamic creative team of Australia's MaraJoara combine the knowledge and dedication of the Carioca seamstresses o deliver a bikini of superior class and quality that reflects these breathtaking landscapes, the Dionysian spirit and the Brazilian elements of culture.

Set in the heart of Sydney's Circular Quay MaraJoara will launch their hot new 2006 Collection taking the global audience on a sensory journey - unleashing garments that when worn become a visual currency and speak volumes silently. Feeling the rhythms of hot Latino MTV Award winning DJ Marcelihno Da Lua and experiencing the life beats and sensuality of Rio, buyers will have an opportunity to touch the fabrics at the Source, see the designs on the catwalk and taste the flavours of this summer.

The quality of the MaraJoara bikinis will be obvious, even to the untrained eye. There is no evidence of poor quality fabrics, stitching, materials or beading. MaraJoara bikinis are like no other product available in the global domestic market. The designs will feature beautiful embroidery, bold exclusive prints and graphics, hand beading and toggles, and embellishment that are unique. Only small quantities of each MaraJoara garment will be produced ensuring exclusivity for retailers and consumers.

The ancient Marajoara people teach us through their designs that the beginning is always and inexorably attached to the end. An end that is nothing else but another starting point. The reinvigorated MaraJoara designs aim to inspire us all to live the life - viva a vida! Mercedes Australia Fashion Week platform should certainly enable the team at MaraJoara to do exactly that!

Leesa Fogarty
+61 4333 16834