Zeno Acne Device in Clinical Trials by Tyrell, Inc. Shows 90% of Acne Pimples Treated Improve or Disappear within 24 Hours.

Almost 90 million frustrated Americans spend more than $2 billion each year on acne treatments with limited results and sometimes significant side effects. Zeno Acne Clearing Device clearly brings a whole new way to effectively treat acne pimples at home.

Salt Lake City, UT, April 20, 2006 --( Zeno effectively eliminates 90% of acne pimples within 24 hours by using a condensed low level of heat to kill the p. acnes bacteria responsible for causing acne. These clinical trials were completed by Tyrell, Inc. Zeno Acne is poised to help the 90 million frustrated Americans with their acne problems since Zeno doesn’t use any harmful creams or chemicals that can dry acne prone skin out.

About Zeno

The Zeno Acne Clearing Device is the first FDA approved acne clearing device for the at-home treatment of acne pimples. The Zeno Acne Device effectively eliminates up to 90% of acne blemishes within a 24 hour timeframe. The Zeno Acne Device is a handheld, portable electronic device that is clinically proven to make acne pimples disappear fast. In fact, for treating acne pimples, the Zeno Acne Device is the most scientifically advanced and effective acne Treatment device available without a prescription. Zeno is designed for people with mild to moderate acne. Each acne blemish should be treated for 2 ½ minutes, two to three times throughout the course of a 24 hour period for best results.

About is poised to become one of the nations leading online retailers of the Zeno Acne Clearing Device. was launched in order to provide consumers with one centralized location on the web to learn more about the Zeno Acne Device and make their purchase. Sine its launch in early 2006, has experienced tremendous success in their pursuit to help educate consumers about the Zeno Acne Clearing Device.

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