Sarasota Golf Training Center Offers New Circuit Training Program

Starting in July, Sarasota golfers can take advantage of a new circuit training program offered by Body Balance for Performance of Sarasota.

Sarasota, FL, July 10, 2008 --( Starting in July, Body Balance for Performance of Sarasota will offer a "golf fitness boot camp" for Sarasota golfers. This eight-week course will be held at the Lakewood Ranch Country Club starting July 7.

"This course will offer a circuit-training type variety," said Mike Via, owner of the Sarasota Body Balance Center. "Every week will be themed around important golf-specific physical issues like posture, mobility or endurance. Attendees will be able to make physical changes in flexibility, balance, stability and strength at an individual level in a fun group environment."

For many golfers, the biggest limitations in their games are flexibility and posture, which can affect how far they can hit the ball. Often, this is what first drives them to seek golf fitness training from Body Balance.

"Flexibility and posture fall into the 'use it or lose it' category," said Via. "If people don't exercise to maintain their flexibility, it's gone. Plus, the limitations in flexibility and posture can cause strain or injuries. It really takes the fun out of the game of golf."

Body Balance for Performance of Sarasota helps golfers combat body problems that can affect golf games with golf fitness exercises designed to focus on their specific needs.

"It's a very customized approach," Via said. "No two bodies are alike and no two problems are the same. We make sure that our clients follow exercises that target their particular problem areas."

Golfers undergoing golf fitness training should see significant physical changes at anywhere from a six-week to a six-month timeframe.

"Within a few weeks, you should feel a noticeable change in the ease of movement, as well as improvement in strength and coordination," Via said. "When you're trying to make changes to your body, it's hard to make immediate return. It's a matter of putting the right amount of stress on your body for it to respond."

Via also advises golfers to cast aside the "no pain, no gain" theory with their golf training. Although it's somewhat true with other types of exercise, in this case, it can be harmful.

"Some people think that if they're working out an area and it's hurting, it must be doing some good," Via said. "Typically pain while you're performing an activity is a sign of structural limitations in that area."

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