iDTRONIC Presents Three Innovative RFID Wristbands: the "Wrist-Fit," the "Wrist-Fit Velcro" and the "Silicone Rubber"

iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID hardware, introduces three innovative RFID wristbands, the “Wrist-Fit”, the “Wrist-Fit Velcro” and the "Silicone Rubber.” iDTRONIC´s RFID bracelets combine the latest RFID technology with a modern and practical design.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany, July 11, 2008 --( iDTRONIC´s RFID wristbands are a convenient alternative to the traditional credit card format card. They are worn like a wrist watch, and use either 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz technology to uniquely identify the wearer. They are particularly appropriate for events, sports clubs, and other similar environments.

iDTRONIC RFID wristbands offer unmatched benefits and simplify the use of RFID technology. Made of a soft, flexible, but also robust material, iDTRONIC RFID Wristbands are designed to remain comfortable and functional.

Rated at IP67, they are completely waterproof, and can withstand the normal wear and tear experienced in active environments. They can also operate in very high- and low-temperature conditions. iDTRONIC RFID wristbands have a sealed electronic unit to reliably store and transfer data.

The RFID wristband "Wrist-Fit" is perfect for health and leisure clubs, and can be branded with the client’s logo or printed with a serial number. The sealed ABS housing and the PVC strap are available in several colors. The watch-style unit contains a HF or LF RFID chip and has a metal closure.

The “Wrist-Fit” Velcro bracelet can be easily attached and detached with its Velcro closure. It can be used in access control applications, and are very comfortable to wear in sports facilities, where they are used for the identification of the club members. It has a very flexible and robust velcro wristband in grey or blue with integrated RFID tag. The Wrist-fit Velcro can be personalized with a stitched logo.

The "Silicone Rubber" with integrated RFID tag is a very flexible and robust silicone wristband. It is available in blue, red, green, yellow, black and white. The client logo and/or a serial number can easily be printed on the silicone bracelet according to customer requirements.

iDTRONIC RFID Wristbands are available with the most common 125kHz and 13,56MHz standards, such as NXP Mifare MF1S50, NXP I-Code SLI, NXP Hitag1, NXP Hitag2, TI Tag-It, EM4102, EM4550 and Atmel Temic 5567. Other IC types are also available on request.

For more information about the new Wristbands from IDTRONIC and all other ISO Cards, Keyfobs and Tags, email us or visit our website. You can also contact our North American Distribution Partner BrightCard for more information and prices.

About iDTRONIC Electronic Identification
iDTRONIC develops and sells innovative RFID hardware components for the application areas product identification, data collection and access control. iDTRONICs products are distributed worldwide through a global network of partners.

The product portfolio includes ISO Cards, Keyfobs, Tags, RFIDReaders, Mobile & Handheld Readers, UHF Long Range Readers. and Active Systems, iDTRONIC offers a wide range of personalization options for their products. iDTRONIC RFID products are available for the frequencies 125kHz and 13,56MHz and UHF.

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