Babya Introduces Babya iGrab

Free iPod utility allows easy grabbing of iPod music from a iPod, without having to manually do it.

SE, Australia, April 19, 2006 --( Babya Software Group today announced Babya iGrab .

Babya iGrab is a easy to use way to grab iPod music, without having to manually do it. This utility will let you rip either a single song, or the entire music collection of the iPod.

This utility will not hurt your iPod in anyway, nor modify its database files or music.

Babya iGrab has some limits also: it can only read MP3 encoded music, all other music will not be shown on the list (eg. music purchased from the iTunes Music Store. It can only grab either one song, or the entire collection, not inbetween.

Babya iGrab will work with most iPods-including the latest fifth generation iPod and iPod nano.

Babya Software Group's product manager for digital media, Alvin Novick said: "Babya iGrab is a fast and fuss-free application for easily managing your music on a iPod."

Babya Software Group's A.A. Fussy noted, "Babya iGrab is a innovative application, allowing Apple iPod users to effectively and efficiently copy music stored from their iPod onto a computer for archival or playback purposes."

Babya iGrab is also offered as part of Babya Logic which includes the following applications:

Babya Logic:
A 8-track MIDI sequencer

Babya Jam Pack 1:
- Babya Riff Editor (create and play custom guitar riffs)
- Babya Visual Music (record your own music using a on-screen keyboard and a scripting language)
- Babya bMix Notater (make and print sheet music)
- Babya Keyboard (a on-screen keyboard ideal for working out a song you'll make in bMix)
- Babya Sound Canvas (edit Roland® SC55 files or MIDI files)
- Babya Easy Guitar Tuner (a useful way to tune your own guitar)

Babya Logic and Logic Pro also includes:
* Babya MicroKit-percussion sequencer software
* Babya UltraSynth-a standalone virtual synth application that enables users to generate cool and intriuguing sounds.
* Babya Bass Maker-generate bass based music
*Babya EXM Synth-a software oscilloscope based synth with a custom envelope editor
*Babya EFM Synth-FM sound synthesizer
*Piano Studio-a powerful virtual piano music studio

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About Babya:

Babya Software Group is a award-winning developer of digital media software including Babya bSuite, bPicture and Babya Photo Workshop and Babya Logic.

Babya's software has won many awards over the past 2-3 years, including 5 stars (Babya bSuite, 2005).

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