Synology® Announces the New Disk Station DS508 and Rack Station RS408/RS408-RP

New Corporate NAS Servers with 31+ MB/Sec RAID 5 Windows Write Performance, 8W CPU Power Consumption, and the New Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 Software.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 30, 2008 --( Synology® Inc. today officially announced the release of the new Disk Station DS508, Rack Station RS408 and RS408-RP. All three models support a maximum of 1 TB hard drives, and are equipped with 2 Gigabit LAN ports, an 800 MHz CPU, and 512MB RAM, appealing to corporations that demand large capacity, high performance, and expect rich applications on NAS devices.

The DS508 comes with 5 easy-to-assemble hot swappable disk trays. With the capability of installing up to five 1 TB disk drives, it remains stylish and compact (width 20cm, height 18cm, and depth 24cm), thus making it the ideal choice for the small business and corporate users who demand high performance and large capacity but require work space savings.

The Rack Station RS408 series comes with 4 hot-swappable disk trays. It will interest IT professionals in small businesses and corporations whose needs for security and flexibility were not fulfilled by simple networked storage. The RS408-RP comes with a redundant power supply, which can provide non-stop file access, thus ensuring that critical data is available 24/7.

"The performance demands on a NAS server are always increasing without end. With the release of the DS508, RS408, and RS408-RP, we are moving forward towards a new horizon. We aim to provide users with new software features to match continually upgraded hardware specifications. Now we are proud to announce that the new Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 software comes with all these new models," said Edward Lin, Marketing Director of Synology. "The combination of the new models and the Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 creates the possibility for corporate users to perform intensive data backup tasks, and to establish an efficient data sharing environment for professional collaborations."

Statistics from Synology's lab on these new models shows that with a RAID 5 configuration, the Windows write speed measures at more than 30 MB/Sec on average, while the Windows read speed measures at more than 45 MB/Sec. "It only consumes 8 watts of CPU power to deliver similar performance on a Celeron 1.2GHz system," commented Rosiel Lee, Product Manager of Synology. "This is remarkable, especially when people are more aware of environmental issues nowadays."

The pre-installed Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 features the brand new AJAX-based management interface, Surveillance Station for IP camera video recording, network backup on rsync-compatible servers, Telnet/SSH-ready for Linux users, and an expandable RAID 5 volume that allows adding a 4th disk drive, or a 5th disk drive, to an existing RAID 5 volume on the fly. In addition, the scheduled power on/off feature brings convenient management in a small business or corporate setting.

Other existing applications that come with these new models include File Station, a web-based file browser, Web Station, a PHP/MySQL pre-installed web server, Windows ADS authentication, and security mechanisms such as encrypted FTP, HTTPS, and encrypted network backup. All these features mentioned above make the DS508, RS408, and RS408-RP a new NAS experience for small businesses and corporations.

The DS508, RS408, and RS408-RP will start shipping in May 2008.

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