New Puppies Receive a Healthy Head-Start at Petland Wesley Chapel, Fl, Through 6 Months of Free Follow-Up Veterinary Care

Introducing healthy puppies into Wesley Chapel, Fl families requires more than stocking up on food, treats and toys.

Wesley Chapel, FL, July 15, 2008 --( Routine visits to a veterinarian for health checks and immunizations are key to ensuring puppies grow up to be healthy dogs.

Petland Wesley Chapel, Fl gives puppies a healthy head start by including six months of free follow-up veterinary care at Seven Oaks Pet Hospital in Wesley Chapel, Fl with each puppy it sells, said Vickie Sargent-Kler, who co-owns the Wesley Chapel, Florida pet store with her husband, Joe Kler.

"I think that's a good value, and as far as I know we're the only Petland in the state that offers this benefit," Sargent-Kler said.

She said this health care plan is designed to take care of "any bumps in the road" for new Wesley Chapel pet owners, so that their out-of-pocket expenses can be directed to regular pet maintenance such as fecal examinations, flea preventatives and routine vaccinations.

Why offer such a deal? "Because it's the right thing to do," she said. "It's the best gift that I can give my customers and my puppies- knowing they're not going to get short-changed on post-sale care."

Dr. Sree Reddy, who owns Seven Oaks Pet Hospital, said he is unfamiliar with anyone else who offers a veterinary benefit like the one offered by Petland Wesley Chapel.

"Even breeders don't offer more than a 14-day warranty," Reddy said.

There also is a realistic reason for the generosity. Young animals, just like babies, are susceptible to ailments because they haven't yet built up immunities. Since that is a foreseeable possibility, it's important to approach the situation from a prevention standpoint.

Preparing for Success
Having a healthy puppy begins long before a customer purchases it from Petland Wesley Chapel.

Sargent-Kler hand-selects all of the puppies sold in the store, and has done so for eight years. Having this depth of experience and the contacts that come with it allows Sargent-Kler to offer some of the finest companion animals available.

"I trust in Vickie," Reddy said. "[The puppies] have good genetics and a good history of breeding."

Each pet is certified "fit for sale" on a State of Florida Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection by Dr. Reddy before it can be offered to the public.

When puppies reach Petland Wesley Chapel, they are housed in "see-through" kennels that feature glass walls and "open view" rear doors so customers can see first-hand how they are cared for.

"We have two to four people caring for the puppies behind the scenes always," Sargent-Kler said. "It's an ongoing process and we treat it like a baby nursery."

Every puppy is handled, bathed, cuddled and played with on a routine basis to promote socialization and a favorable pet ownership experience for the puppies and their eventual owners. Reddy also makes weekly visits to perform health certifications and to make sure the puppies are thriving.

"Those are things I'm really proud of," Sargent-Kler said. "The greater part of my day I spend doing things for my babies."

One key to having and keeping happy customers is maintaining a good working relationship with a reputable local veterinarian. She has found that in Reddy.

"That relationship is important because with live animals anything can happen," Sargent-Kler said, "and our truest pleasure is to see puppies go home happy and healthy."

Puppies need various boosters and vaccines during their first six months. Even the healthiest puppies can experience a bit of stress when being moved to the pet store and eventually to their permanent home, Reddy said.

"Owners are anxious and we want to give them piece of mind that we are here to back them up with any questions or concerns they have," he said.

Sargent-Kler warns new puppy owners not to be surprised if puppies experience minor colds and cold- like symptoms in the initial adjustment period. The key "is to catch any issues early and treat them before they develop into something else," she said.

Prior to being purchased, puppies in the store typically have been held by lots of people and their immune systems aren't yet as strong as they will be when they reach adulthood. Petland Wesley Chapel asks customers to sanitize their hands before holding puppies, but "like everything in life, there is a limit to how much protection we can provide," Sargent-Kler said. "We encourage customers to handle our pets and help us socialize our puppies and we want to know if the puppy will be a good match for their family."

Unfortunately people can unwittingly pass along germs that young puppies are susceptible to.

With its emphasis on post-sale health care and its commitments to assisting local charities, it appears Petland Wesley Chapel, Fl is quickly building a good reputation for healthy puppies and excellent customer service.

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