Poetry Book, Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion, by Author and Poetess - Kimberly Tork, Makes an Impressing Debut

Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion, Both by it’s own, Sumptuous, Yet Boldly Challenging Title and Nature, Comes to Redefine and Then Overthrow the Current Standards of Written Poetry Today.

Lincoln, NE, April 20, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion stands unique in it’s release, being one of the few poetry releases that mocks and then adorns itself, proudly yet earnestly, by its title and demanding nature. Hitting its readers with both purpose and open reflection while covering a handful of different issues. Open to interpretation, yet clearly stamped with the poetess’s own dominion of strength and certainty throughout her verse, felt loudly yet often with subtlety within every spoken word. This poetry ensemble stems obviously from personal experiences, invention, and from the poetess’s very own personal study of character and nature. Unveiling issues, which are much needed in their addressing. Which is done without flaw, or without question in devise.

We find many poems, dedicated to the many sides and issues surrounding, being and relating to, women. One poem addresses hatred and its consequence, to and of women. Often speaking uncomfortable, yet glaring and neglected truths that are often rose-colored by man and society. While another poem purely questions and reinstates old and modern feminism, the estrogen and being within women. Also covering issues such as war, loss, and betrayal, showcasing, the best and worst of common and uncommon life. The verse is often respective and challenging to cynicism and its damaging bi-products. Though seemingly pessimistic, most of the poetry therein, sends a softer message, providing safety and understanding to the harder issues addressed. Kimberly’s pleadings to the reader, to find the light throughout a burdensome darkness, and to make a real and lasting impression, does not go ignored.  Much of the poetry is also quite romantic and filled with adornment, to love and its obtainment. We also see poems that are very stripped down and personal. Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion has it all, and then some. Many of the books themes and endeavors will reach its audience both perpetually and uniquely, by its own design. The poetess achieves her goals immensely, with her books theme and promise to give something constant and refreshingly unrivaled, to each reader. Unveiled Quantum Of Dominion is a serious contender and a definite warrior to modern poetry.

Currently sold at Author House, soon to be released throughout the country. 

Kimberly Tork
Email - kimberlytork@gmail.com

Kimberly Tork