New Company Introduces "Good Luck" Forecasts for Gamblers Based Upon Proprietary Astrological Process - Sure to Changes Gamblers’ Lives Worldwide

With over two decades of experience building, leading and establishing businesses in Asia-Pacific, Phil Kelly, former President of Dell Asia-Pacific, formally announced today the formation of Good Luck Gamblers, LLC. Kelly’s new company provides gamblers Good Luck Tips and Forecasts for Lucky Gambling Days based upon a proprietary astrological process.

Las Vegas, NV, July 18, 2008 --( Gamblers worldwide continue to be fascinated by the relationship between winning, astrology and gambling. In response to this growing fascination, Good Luck Gamblers, LLC announced today the introduction of its proprietary “good luck” forecasts for gamblers, based upon a new astrological process. The Good Luck Gamblers Calendars and Pocket Guides offer 365 days of Daily Good Luck Forecasts, as well as other unique information on the relationship between astrology and gambling. Their contributing Astrologists, well respected in the fields of both Chinese and Western Astrology, collaborated in the development of the new and proprietary system for forecasting gambling luck. Good Luck Gamblers’ products provide gamblers a way to find out which days, colors, numbers, and dates, are the luckiest, based upon astrological forecasts and customized readings. Today’s announcement of the release of these “good luck” gamblers products will help bring additional fun, entertainment, and luck to gamblers worldwide.

2007 brought continued growth and expansion to the global gambling landscape. With that documented growth, came a resulting growing fascination amongst gamblers about the relationship between winning, astrology and gambling. New and expanding casinos increased their presence and established new markets. The US alone, with more 1,500 casinos, continues to expand. Other regions outside of the US continue to grow, as local legislation permits. Macau, with more than US$10 billion in annual gaming revenues is a prime example of phenomenal growth and expansion. Eastern and Western Europe, Central and South Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Far East also experienced tremendous growth in 2007. Given the opening of many jurisdictions, the increasing acceptance of destination gaming and emerging technological advances, the industry continues to be ripe for growth. This documented industry expansion, combined with the growing popularity of online gambling venues as well, creates a need for gambling resources and global community amongst gamblers that has never been greater. Good Luck Gamblers, LLC was formed to meet that growing need, as well as to meet the desire amongst gamblers to learn more about how they can use astrology and luck to help increase their winnings.

The company’s proprietary gamblers “good luck” forecasts have been so positively received that they are currently being packaged and distributed in a number of different formats, each with a varying level of customization and detail: calendars, forecasts, pocket guides, customized reports, tips, website, and more. Good Luck Gamblers also provides detailed Gambler Profiles outlining the traits and characteristics unique to each of the 12 Chinese and Western Zodiac signs that help contribute to gambling success.

Additional company offerings include special casino/hotel/travel offers, gambling events, products, forums, and more. The company offers a wide range of unique and top quality Poker products, Chinese and 4 Leaf good luck products, Astrology products, Astrology readings, Good Luck Calendars and Pocket Guides, Fashion products, Gift Certificates, and more. With an ever growing market Internationally as well as in the United States, Good Luck Gamblers’ vision is to become one of the world's premier gambling entertainment companies by providing products and services that best meet the needs of the global gambler. Every Good Luck Gambler employee shares top management’s commitment to delivering exceptional Customer Experience in all interactions. Management considers customer experience rating to be the measure of the company’s success.

Phil Kelly, President and CEO of Good Luck Gamblers, LLC stated “globally, we are seeing a continuous expansion of the gaming industry. Many more jurisdictions are considering introducing gambling than ever before, and existing casinos are expanding and reinventing themselves in order to provide greater customer experiences to a growing number of visitors. Asia, South America and Southern Europe are all experiencing rapid development, and the Internet is allowing visitors to make much more informed decisions on which locations and amenities are most attractive to them. All of this leads to the ever increasing numbers of gamblers worldwide. Gambling is a fun, exciting and potentially rewarding activity for hundreds of millions of gamblers globally. It is our goal to provide products, services, events and forums for even greater gambling experiences! We want to help the Good Luck Gamblers win more and have the highest level of enjoyment while doing it!”

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