n-Trance Security Ltd Encourages Honest People

Ashkelon, Israel, July 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- A newly developed tool named “Lost-and-Found” allows tracking of devices and retrieval of owners of the lost n-Tegrity. Users can set the information they wish to display at the public partition of the n-Tegrity, which is available before the user`s authentication. If somebody finds the device he or she will be able to see the user`s information i.e. phone number, e-mail or postal address and contact the owner or report the found device to n-Trance. The tool is available for free download at the company website.

n-Trance Security Ltd encourages people who take measures to return the found device to its original owner. If anyone who finds a n-Tegrity device informs the n-Trance company, this person will be awarded an unlimited free license of the n-Pass Classic software for installation on PC or removable media. If he or she returns the device to the owner, n-Trance will award this person with the n-Pass Professional software. The market price for the Classic and Pro software is 19.90 and 29.90 Euro respectively.

“n-Tegrity devices are extremely secured” – Daniel Biran, the CEO of n-trance Security Ltd comments: “It is a waste of time trying to break through their protection; after several failed attempts the device will totally destroy all data. The new Lost-and-Found application will save time and efforts of a potential hacker. Instead of trying to hack, they better contact the device’s owner or inform n-Trance. We reward everyone. Users will get their n-Tegrity back, reporters will get a software of $45 value. It pays being honest!”

n-Tegrity devices represent an outstanding tool for personal data management, encryption and launching portable applications. The devices have a fingerprint protected memory with preinstalled applications for password management, cryptographic utility and many other useful tools for absolute portability, security and privacy.

About company:n-Trance Security Ltd – privately held company, established in 2004 in Israel. The company is devoted to development of biometric products oriented to data security and portable solutions.

n-Trance Security Ltd
Eugene Cuprin
n-Tegrity Personal Data Manager

n-Tegrity Personal Data Manager

Ultimate tool for secure storage and operation of passwords, address book, keys for cryptographic utility and applications. The device has 3 layers of protection biometric, cryptographic ans structural.