Hirsch Liquid Ideas Presents Liquid Filled USB Drives

Say Goodbye to your Boring and Outdated Storage Device, and Say Hello to Customizable Liquid Filled USB Drives.

New York, NY, July 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- East coast supplier Hirsch Presentations System (ASI 61013), known best for its creative liquid filled promotional products and ideas, announces a new addition to the product lineup, liquid filled USB drives.

Hirsch Liquid Ideas announced today something that is taking the USB market by storm. Liquid filled USB drives. These small fully functional 2.0 USB drives have a colorful twist. They contain a clear plastic case that shows off the fully customizable colored liquid inside. The option of 3D “floaters”, which are also completely customizable to any shape and color, can be made to float in the liquid.

USB drives were first introduced in 2000 as an alternative to the commonly used floppy disk. At that time, USB drives were bulky and held merely five times the amount of information than the floppy disk. Now eight years later USB drives are smaller and more efficient than ever. From a few megabytes to several Gigabytes. Until recently the USB drive was still missing something, with the advent of liquid filled USB drives, Hirsch Liquid Ideas is helping to further the advancement of USB drive technology and design.

About Hirsch Presentation systems
For 12 years, Hirsch Presentation systems also known as, Hirsch Liquid Ideas, has brought liquid filled products to the promotional product and advertising specialty industries. They provide liquid filled mouse pads, desk & office products, USB drives, pens, coasters, folders, cups, CD covers, clocks, calculators, computer accessories, radios, key tags & more. All of their items feature liquid and “floaters” that can be completely customized to any specifications. Their liquid is 100% non-toxic and can be matched to any PMS color. They custom mold 3D miniatures of any product or logo, to float in the liquid filled product.

Hirsch Liquid Ideas
Gabriael Lee