IKEA Offers Big Ideas for Small Space and Campus Living

IKEA has partnered with GoMobile Advertising to create a unique mobile display featuring room ideas for small spaces and dorm rooms that is traveling around Seattle.

Kent, WA, July 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Furniture giant IKEA takes another step in promoting environmentally conscious living in their latest campaign "Live Small in a Big Way" which offers fun, economical solutions to small space living. The campaign utilizes experiential marketing, including a mobile 3D showroom that began touring the streets of Seattle beginning July 14th.

The campaign, which began just in time for college-bound students to start planning their dorm décor, features a complete room display as well as mobile billboards. Echoing its environmental undertones, the alternative campaign runs entirely on GoMobile's BioDiesel-fueled trucks. The entire room showcases furniture that can be incorporated into petite spaces, acting as a mobile idea-book for consumers.

"Live Small in a Big Way" marks the sixth campaign partnership for IKEA and GoMobile Advertising to date, with past promotions including IKEA's new Teen Zone, as well as their infamous Twice Yearly Sale. "IKEA has always been about getting the most for your money, and this campaign physically shows how far that money can take you in designing a room around a small space," says IKEA Advertising Manager Carol Merry.

The IKEA campaign began July 14th and wraps up July 26th.

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Ryan Moss