Synology® Disk Station DS107+ Embraced by CHIP Magazine Readers, Germany

Taipei, Taiwan, July 23, 2008 --( Synology® Inc. brought a brand new NAS experience to its German consumers. By sponsoring 20 units of Synology Disk Station DS107+, Synology took part in the "User Testing" campaign of the prestigious German IT magazine - CHIP - for its selected readers to test the DS107+ and give judgments for a trial period of 6 consecutive months, starting in January 2008 and ending in June. With 65% of the users considered "sehr gut (very good)" and 35% considered "gut (good)", the DS107+ received the "Sehr Gut" award from this "User Testing" campaign of CHIP Magazine in the end.

"This campaign was interesting, and it reflects how users enjoy using Synology products," said Edward Lin, Marketing Director of Synology. When the readers got these testing units on hands, the fashionable web interfaces and the compact design struck them at first sight, which is quite correspondent with the general impression of Synology products. "The breakdown of the numerous functions is very user-friendly. And thanks to the design, my space can easily accommodate the DS107+," said the tester, Axel Masanek.

"The participants' positive rating for the DS107+ grew over time. In the first month, 55% of the readers considered it 'gut' and 45% considered it 'sehr gut'. However, 5 extra percents has been received later on each month moving from 'gut' to 'sehr gut'," added Edward Lin.

From the second month onwards, the readers appreciated more on the applications and the attributes of the DS107+. It works smoothly yet quietly, and the 3 USB ports can handle users' need of sharing a USB printer, listening to music via USB speakers, and backing up data to an external hard drive at the same time. "The DS107+ is practical, versatile and easy to use," commented Matthias Lohmann.

In the aspect of home entertainment, CHIP Magazine found that the readers are happy about the DS107+'s offering - Audio Station in particular. While listening to music on a running PC consumes an excessive amount of power, the DS107+ provides the same leisure but dramatically drops power consumption to a much lower level. "Energy saving as it may be, the Synology Remote is yet handy and convenient. Walls are no obstacles for remote control at all," said Hans Griesemann.

In the final two months, topics are set more on the home office applications, including the printer server, file server and FTP server, as well as the backup server. Users' needs are fulfilled by the multiple functions of the DS107+, and the performance is satisfactory. "Synology Disk Station DS107+ is definitely a recommendable device. Have I not had one myself, it would be a must-buy for sure," claimed Michael Roehn. And Heike Holzle concluded, "[S]ecure, quiet, reliable, and innovative. It is an all-in-one device."

For its high-speed data transmission and enormous diversity of functions, Synology Disk Station DS107+ received the "Sehr Gut" award and was highly recognized by the "User Testing" campaign of CHIP Magazine, Germany.

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