Synology® Disk Station DS508 Stands Out in the c't Magazine's Latest NAS Roundup

Taipei, Taiwan, July 23, 2008 --( Synology® Disk Station DS508 outperformed its rivals in the latest NAS server roundup review published in the 2008 15th issue of c't Magazine, Germany. After a detailed examination and operation on six selected NAS devices, Mr. Boi Feddern, the editor in charge of this review, commented: "Synology (DS508) is leading in performance while offering additional strengths."

"The DS508 is furiously fast in performance. The reading speed on Windows OS reaches a remarkable 44.6 MB/s, and the writing speed 24.5 MB/s is also impressive," reported Feddern. Apart from its performance, the DS508 offers "the lowest noise when in use, the lowest energy consumption, with the most luxurious functionality" among all reviewed models, offering extra favors for the DS508 users.

The user-interface of the DS508 is also highly appreciated in this roundup. The AJAX drag-n-drop and fast search functions are so familiar to users that they "might even think they are working with Windows, not Linux." Furthermore, the DS508 supports a maximum of 2,048 user accounts; however, "thanks to the fast search mechanism, it's easy to manage them."

Targeting primarily at IT professionals and being the most subscribed computer magazines in Europe, c't Magazine brings its readers the most up-to-date hardware and software information plus objective testing results biweekly. The Synology Disk Station DS508's well-proportioned balance between energy efficiency and performance has won c't Magazine's recommendation to its audience.

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