The Power of One Remarkable Girl Power Pop Phenom Roc Zonte- Releases Up-Beat Anthem "Girls Like Us"

Roc Zonte releases ‘Girls Like Us.’. Be ready for more amazing sounds from Roc Zonte from her debut CD ‘Roc’ on independent label Electric Rose, due out September 15, 2008. Download the single "Girls Like Us" for .99 cents at

Los Angeles, CA, July 24, 2008 --( Scorching the air with flailing guitar and an attitude to match, ROC is changing the face of girl-power-pop as we know it. Straying a long way from the typical image of what most think a girl should be, ROC alternately thrashes and caresses her infectious tunes, demanding attention from any listener.

She's done it all. From heart felt ballads like "After Sunday", a rock song with a India twist, “Can’t Be Me” to grrl power anthems like, well, "Girls Like Us".

Roc is a self taught musician who produced, arranged and played all the instruments on the CD except the drums. “She has a great ear for music” said Dee from Cherokee Studios, who was shocked with ROC’s musical talent as he was mixed the songs. “Especially ‘Sanity’ a tune layered with five harmonic guitars”, he adds. “She is a multi talented performer and will definitely make her mark in the music business.” Her first single ‘Girls Like Us’ definitely sets a mood of power and strength, an anthem for the new generation of women.

This extraordinary singer-songwriter/guitarist grabs you with her songwriting and six-string prowess, and her vocals are reminiscent of Chrissie Hynde's. - “illinois Entertainer”

"Roc is a ripe edgy songwriter and performer with intuitive talent for communicating her emotions through an absorbing blend of vocal and guitar...she is sure to become one of the most respected guitarists in the music industry. You'll definitely want to watch this woman's career," observed “Femme Fatal”

Roc has been labeled a Desi Princess - a Rocking Barbie Doll. A genuinely talented performer and pop star for a vast Indian audience. “A beautiful, exotic and stunning girl, Roc has broken many traditions through her performance” says “Calcutta News.”

There's nothing like a ROC live show. And a tour is coming up, so stay tuned.

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