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Inventive New Blog About an Author’s Quest to Get Published Gives Solid Advice on How to Publish a Book of Your Own

Aspiring author Matthew Ulmer teaches others how to write and how to publish a novel via a blog chronicling his own attempts to become published.

Chester, PA, April 22, 2006 --( If you ever wanted to know how to publish a book, Matthew Ulmer may have the answer. He is assisting aspiring authors everywhere, and breaking new ground in the process, by writing a blog as a reality show that chronicles his attempts to get a novel published while giving publishing and writing advice. The result is a unique combination of the information found in how-to books and magazines mixed with the real time drama of being rejected and accepted by agents as the blog unfolds.

Matthew Ulmer, a 24-year-old writing manager at Educational Directories Unlimited in Chester, PA, is recording everything that happens to him on his quest to get one of his novels published via a weekly column on the blogging website,

“Both of my parents are writers and I’ve been creative writing most of my entire life,” Ulmer says. “After I graduated from college in 2004, I finally had some time to dedicate to writing a novel. I figured since I’ll be going through what every writer goes through when trying to publish a work, I might as well chronicle it for the entertainment and benefit of other writers. Plus, since blogging is so interactive, I’ve had a number of authors respond to my blog with some really helpful tips on how to write and how to publish a book.”

The blog began with a prologue describing himself and his quest. Each new post is a chapter that gives advice he has collected over the years on how to publish a book as well as general writing tips through firsthand experience and samples. He talks about how to get an agent, how to write dialogue, where inspiration comes from and much more, all for the benefit of others and the advancement of his own writing talents.

Adam Ostrow, co-creator of MindSay, says, “Matt has already collected a large following of published authors, publishing hopefuls and people simply looking for an interesting story to track. In fact, MindSay users are allowed to vote for what they think is the best blog of the day, and every single one of his posts has been nominated as the Top Blog. His posts are just as valuable as those volumes on how to publish a book, but they involve firsthand examples and are totally free. Plus, and this is part of what makes MindSay so special, anyone can become a part of the story by leaving comments on the blog.”

Nothing like this blog currently exists on the Web, and Ulmer says he is proud to be making a contribution to the writing community.

“My favorite part,” he adds, “is receiving comments from people saying my blog is inspiring them to finally finish their manuscript or to seek a publisher for their own work. It’s rewarding to think my journey is helping others.”

Ulmer graduated from La Salle University in May 2004 and currently works as the public relations writer and writing manager at Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. He is working on his third novel, but the one he is attempting to publish is his second, Angel of Life, which dissects organized religion and the faith of its followers while telling an interweaving story about a recently murdered marketing executive trying to escape from Hell because he believes his soul was wrongly judged.

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