New Gambling Entertainment Company Launches Customer Focused Website

Good Luck Gamblers, LLC today unveiled, a comprehensive, customer-focused, interactive website to serve the global gambler.

Las Vegas, NV, July 24, 2008 --( Good Luck Gamblers, LLC, with the vision of becoming one of the world’s premier gambling entertainment companies, launched a brand new, customer-focused, interactive website this week. The site,, is designed in direct response to Good Luck Gamblers’ research into what the global gambler really wants.

Veteran gambling entertainment professionals – Casino Operators, Gaming Industry Suppliers, Product Manufacturers, etc.-- can attest first hand to the mind-boggling evolution that has taken shape in the Gambling Entertainment Landscape since the late 90s. New and expanding casinos increased their presence and established new markets worldwide. The US alone, with more 1,500 casinos, continues to expand. Other regions outside of the US continue to grow, as local legislation permits. Macau, with more than US$10 billion in annual gaming revenues is a prime example of phenomenal growth and expansion. Eastern and Western Europe, Central and South Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Far East also experienced tremendous growth in 2007. Given the opening of many jurisdictions, the increasing acceptance of destination gaming and emerging technological advances, the industry continues to be ripe for growth. This documented industry expansion, combined with the growing popularity of online gambling venues as well, creates a need for gambling resources and global community amongst gamblers that has never been greater. Good Luck Gamblers, LLC launched to meet that growing need.

These are exciting times for those working in the Gambling Entertainment space, but it will also present some daunting challenges for e-gambling businesses striving to keep pace with the present light-speed movement of this high paced industry. Based on research-driven needs of the global gambler, the Good Luck Gamblers’ website is set to keep pace by offering a wide range of top quality, innovative, gambling products, services, entertainment, and community to gamblers worldwide. The recently launched site offers the best of free-play casino games, special casino/hotel/travel offers, "gambling luck" tips, events, products, International forums, VIP Clubs, and more.

What sets the Good Luck Gamblers’ website apart from other gambling entertainment sites is that it offers unique gambling “good luck forecasts” -- customized information, tips, and forecasts on Lucky Gambling Days, based upon a new proprietary astrological process. Customer-focused, the site addresses the growing fascination shared by gamblers worldwide about the relationship between astrology, gambling, and winning.

Good Luck Gamblers’ founder, Phil Kelly says: “At Good Luck Gamblers we are committed to becoming the premier on-line gambling entertainment company through enhancing the enjoyment and experience of gamblers globally. Over the last year, we have conducted a series of surveys and research projects to identify the greatest e-needs and desires of the global gambler. The results of this research influenced and drove the development, design, and content of The goal of our website is to be a gathering place for Global Gamblers where they can interact with each other and find an overabundance of quality information, products and services for their enjoyment. ” The Good Luck Gamblers website offers the best of gambling tips, products, specials, events, forums, and more.

Phil Kelly added: "We are in a competitive, explosive market. Customers rightly expect that they should be the driving force behind our company. At Good Luck Gamblers, we know that our products and services are not only the very best available, but that they are driven by customer-stated needs. We are committed to listening to our customers. As a result, we will continue to refine our website and its offerings to provide products and services that best meet the changing needs of the global gambler -- now and in the future. This keeps us on pace to fulfilling our vision of becoming one of the world’s premier on-line gambling entertainment companies."

About Good Luck Gamblers:
With an ever growing Global Gaming market, Good Luck Gamblers’ vision is to become one of the world's premier gambling entertainment companies by providing products and services that best meet the needs of the global gambler. Every Good Luck Gambler employee shares top management’s commitment to delivering exceptional Customer Experience in all interactions. Management considers customer experience rating to be the measure of the company’s success.

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