Blind Person Operates Recording Studio, Expands Services, and Success

Curse Buster Sound, a Texas based recording studio, is owned and operated by blind, jazz saxophonist: Kevin Brown. Kevin is expanding his services, although not without some great difficulty.

Clyde, TX, April 24, 2006 --( Can a blind person be successful in the recording industry?
Can a blind person compete with the demanding, and extremely competitive atmosphere of the Internet?

Kevin Brown has given these questions some serious thought, and a determined answer. It is hard enough to make a living in todays world, but, to do it with a major handicap is a paramount almost impossibility. "I am an accomplished musician, but, upon turning 50, I think that mid life crisis thing that people talk about sank in! I am no longer doing international tours, not to say that I won't do touring again some time in the future. Now,... I realize that I need to make a living at something that is suited for my particular situation."

"It's very easy to say..."You need a job!"...but it's another thing altogether to put yourself in that blind persons shoes, or that paraplegics shoes and experience what handicap people go through."

"It is also very easy to give up and let the system take care of you isn't it?"

Kevin is persistently running his recording studio. Curse Buster Sound is making slow, but steady progress.

"My Internet and computer skills leave much to be desired, but I am sticking with it,... I am learning daily. The one drawback I have is, I cannot see what all that wonderful visual stuff on the web is all about. So,... I rely strictly on text, and my screen reader to get things done."

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This is an ongoing, and difficult project for me, but, I can see rewards in the future.

Curse Buster Sound
Kevin Brown