McGruff the Crime Dog Partners with Computer Investigation Firm

The National Crime Prevention Council awards software license to assist parents with making the Internet safer for their children.

McGruff the Crime Dog Partners with Computer Investigation Firm
Las Vegas, NV, April 25, 2006 --( McGruff’s Children’s Internet Safety site ( announces its launch to provide parents and children with the information and tools to assist them in gaining the knowledge of the dangers to children being on the Internet. Statistics from the United States Department of Justice’s website show:
• One in 4 youth had an unwanted exposure in the past year to pictures of naked people or people having sex.
• One in 5 youth received a sexual approach or solicitation over the Internet in the past year. 

The National Crime Prevention Council ( has awarded to Disk Detectives LLC ( an exclusive license to market their McGruff’s Disk Check software.

Our McGruff's Children’s Internet Safety Software allows parents to see what their children have been viewing on the Internet and allows parents to see the dates and times that images were viewed on the computer and to see what their children have been viewing on MySpace. 


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National Crime Prevention Council - NCPC was founded in 1982 to manage the National Citizens’ Crime Prevention Campaign and McGruff the Crime Dog and to administer the Crime Prevention Coalition of America. Now 25 years after McGruff’s first TV appearance, more than 75 percent of children recognize McGruff and over 4,000 law enforcement agencies own a McGruff suit. That’s a lot of people who know how to Take a Bite Out Of Crime!

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