Demanding Better Data Backups

Not all software is made equal and clients of data backup services are demanding ever more reliability and functionality from their secure, remote data backup services. A recent upgrade to Activ Link's remote backup client is setting the bar higher.

Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom, July 31, 2008 --( Activ Link Ltd, a Surrey based small business IT support business, announced the release of their latest version of their Secure Remote Data Backups application. Clients are now further protected from catastrophic data loss by the simple installation of this application and backing up data over their broadband overnight.

Announcing the upgrade to the service, Yvan Bamping, Director of IT Support said, “This new upgrade to our remote backup client further ensures that our clients data is backed up every night to a secure, remote location. Clients just receive the ‘Success’ notifications by email the next day and can remain confident their data is safe.”

This upgrade to the remote backup client application is the latest in a long line of ongoing, focused development bringing ever more reliable data backup to end users. One of the key problems addressed in this particular upgrade relates to the locked status of various types of files, such as PST files used by Outlook – a common problem restricting certain files from being fully backed up by most backup applications.

Historically the problem has been worked around either manually or through various automated scripts getting the programs with the locked data files to stop running for the duration of the backups. With this latest upgrade these types of workarounds are no longer necessary – files will be backed up regardless of locked status.

Additional benefits for clients include the ability to easily backup multiple instances of SQL databases and an Exchange email server – all without having to stop the servers to be successful. With this functionality as standard plus the Archive Bit features, clients expect to experience less remote data storage requirements and more comprehensive data backup runs.

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