iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of America's Reigning Cats and Dogs-Election 2008

Bloomington, IN, July 31, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Author Suggests Americans Lighten a Heavy Election Year with a Good Laugh.

Disheartened Americans weary of grandiose political posturing and overblown speeches can rely on humor to help mediate the madness. In his new satirical tale, America’s Reigning Cats and Dogs - Election 2008, Douglas Kendall casts a wide net out into political mayhem to offer a decidedly different take on the current election, one that might very well be taking place in a parallel universe.

The story begins at the time of creation. Adam and Eve narrowly sidestep their infamous fall from grace by choosing a rollicking game of volleyball over a snack from the Tree of Knowledge. Instead, the world’s first cat and dog fall for the serpent’s treachery, and thus begins the reign of animals on this blue-green speck in the universe.

Flash forward to 2008, an election year of course. President Gusher, a perpetually vexed Dalmatian, has control of the country. His fellow canines of the Puplickin party remain respectful, to their species line, but the opposing Demandcats are counting on a few good felines to reverse the tide in this political power play. At the other end of every pet leash in America, stands a mistreated human waiting patiently for a treat, but nearly always getting a swift kick to the backside.

In the cat ring, haughty, explosive Senator Frosty Rodehim-Clingtalon relentlessly pushes her doting pages to the breaking point, while perfectionist Senator Barkat Y. O’Mama drives his staff crazy with his nitpicking ways. Once Barkat and Frosty both announce their bid for presidency, the claws are out and gleaming.

America’s Reigning Cats and Dogs bounces between cat and dog perspectives like a helpless mouse at the mercy of quick cat paws. Under Kendall’s satirical scrutiny, no side of the party line is spared a spoof, and media moguls are exposed in all their primal glory. The nation’s top radio personality barks his name, Ruff Lickpaw into a Golden Retriever-shaped microphone, while his top sideshow dog plays animal house with the enemy species.

Readers also meet the owner of ProwlOn.org, news Web master Mudd Trudge and a host of other felines and canines all vying for position in a presidential race run amok. Pressing issues, such as universal vet care, global worming and terrierism fall under hot debate. Political pundits spin colorful yarns just to pump ratings. Scandal abounds, betrayal leads to malice and nerves become as frayed as a thread-bare puppy rug in this irreverent work of political satire.

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About the Author
Douglas Kendall delights in spoofing politicians, pundits, celebrities and everyone in between with his irreverent, intelligent comedy. A professional software consultant, Kendall is also an accomplished author with 13 novels to his credit. America’s Backside, Pleasantopia and Missionary Kids in Space are just a few of the books he has published through iUniverse. Kendall lives in Pleasanton, California. To learn more about his work, visit www.dougken.com.

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