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Bloomington, IN, July 31, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Historical Novel Immerses Readers in Toil and Triumph of Forgotten Era

Even as the cost of gasoline and groceries skyrocket, the American lifestyle still seems to center on instant gratification. Few alive today remember what it was like to have to carve your existence out of untamed land. In his novel, Jenford, Hendrik E. Sadi illuminates this forgotten way of life through the eyes of a simple farming family in Northwestern Connecticut.

An act of neighborly concern opens the door to a distant time and culture for a young man in 1970s New England. When Ranen Sarensen visits the family’s elderly neighbor, Will Jenford, the atmosphere of defeat and sorrow in the small, untidy mountain home alarms the concerned neighbor. Will sits alone in a freezing room, unable or unwilling to light the nearby woodstove to warm his bones. Ranen suspects suicidal tendencies, and engages Will in conversation. As the old woodstove is warmed up, Will opens up to Ranen and shares a history of Upland that lingers with the young man long after he leaves Will’s side.

As the story unfolds, Hendrik invites readers to move back with him to a time the mountain was being settled by small farming families. The Jenford saga begins at the end of the Civil War, when Will’s grandfather, Clayborn Jenford, returns to Connecticut with an artificial leg and the scares of war. Searching for peace from years of destruction and the death of his fellow man, he hobbles up to his newly purchased land on Mt. Lake and starts a farm and a family. This is his redemption from the ravages of war: The dream of making a living from the land and passing it on to his sons.

Years pass, and Clayborn’s solitary existence expands to include a family of five. His admiration and love for his wife and children is tempered with high expectations of the sacrifice and dedication that life on a farm demands. Out of his three sons and one daughter, only May Jenford, Will’s mother, proves her merit as a worthy descendent of Clayborn. Long after Clayborn’s sons have abandoned the farm to follow their own individual dreams of farming elsewhere, May remains and eventually raises Will and his two brothers as stalwart of the land in Upland, and accepts her daughter’s capricious restlessness to eventually escape to the city.

But the strong remain. And this is their story of a relationship that weaves and develops in the family and among the neighbors living in a long forgotten time on Mt. Lake. And throughout the telling of it, Sadi evokes a gentle reverence for the past, when hard work and responsibility and deep seated spirituality of the land nurtured a satisfaction rarely experienced today.

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About the Author
Hendrick E. Sadi was born in Norway and lived in the Middle East for part of his childhood. He draws from his personal experiences to write his novels. Previous works published through iUniverse include Kickapoo, Han Marlowe, SeeSaw and Ernholder. He has completed three additional novels, a play and a collection of poems, as yet unpublished.

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