Dawah International, LLC Presents Change - The Obama Song

Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia group, produces a song about Barack Obama.

Powder Springs, GA, July 31, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Dawah International, LLC, a multimedia company, who publishes Prisonworld Magazine, www.prisonworldmagazine.com, and distributes Prisonworld Records, www.prisonworldrecords.com, has teamed up with Charles Peoples, Jr. and produced a song for the current climate; Change- The Obama Song.

If you scour the pages of Youtube, Myspace, Google and Yahoo, you will find several tributes to the presumed Democratic presidential nominee. Change- The Obama Song is incomparable, real, and upbeat. It speaks on current issues in the world, the extreme racism that has been even more evident with the inevitability of a Black president, and the mishaps and mistakes of former leadership.

“This country is built on the ideas that all men are created equal. There have been so much evil, belittling, backbiting and just outright mistruths within the last month alone in order to paint a picture of a man that is revered because of his character. Change-The Obama Song says just that: It’s time for a Change. When do you wake up and stop living the same old story over and over again?” says Jenny Triplett, VP of Dawah International,LLC

Charles Peoples, Jr., known as Uncle Chuck, is clearly from the old school and had an idea that he wanted to share with the world. This idea was groomed and produced by Rufus Triplett, Jr, President of Dawah International, LLC and brought to life. “This is a song that I think people can feel and it gives you a sense of purpose. It’s a sing along but you can bob your head to it as well. I’m all about the message in any song that I do. If people get the message then my job is done.” says Rufus.

To hear a sample of Change- The Obama Song, you can log onto www.dawahinc.com. To comment on the song, please visit PrisonworldBlogTalk @ www.prisonworldblogtalk.com.

Dawah International, LLC
Jenny Triplett