Dr. Jamie J. LaViola, DMD, Introduces Innovative Oral Cancer Prevention Test to Lake Worth Dental Practice

OralCDx BrushTestâ„¢ is the Only Noninvasive Test of Oral Pre-cancer and Cancer.

Lake Worth, FL, August 01, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Oral cancer kills as many Americans as melanoma and twice as many as cervical cancer, occurs nearly as frequently as leukemia, and is rising among women, young people and non-smokers. Detecting any cancer in its earliest stages reduces the risk of death. Preventing oral cancer years before it ever starts is even better. Thanks to the OralCDx BrushTest™, one of the most accurate tests in medicine, oral cancer has joined the short list of potentially preventable cancers. And now, patients of Dr. Jamie LaViola are benefiting from this life saving technique.

The BrushTest™ was launched by OralCDx Laboratories, the world’s leading company for preventing oral cancer. It is a noninvasive, quick and painless method used to test the common oral spots (subtle tissue changes) most people have in their mouths at one time or another. Screening these spots, which may contain abnormal cells called dysplasia, can help prevent oral cancer long before it starts.

“With the BrushTest™, we have expanded our realm of care as dentists, as we now have the ability to offer the most advanced, all-inclusive oral care for our patients,” said Dr. LaViola. “This is great news. It has fundamentally changed our role as dentists, as we now have a test that can help prevent oral cancer during the patient’s routine checkup.”

Just like the Pap smear is used to detect precancerous cells to help prevent cervical cancer, the BrushTest™ is used to detect precancerous cells to help prevent oral cancer. Dr. LaViola joins over 30,000 dentists nationwide, as he introduces the BrushTest™ to his practice, instituting it into his patients’ routine visits.

About Dr. Jamie J. LaViola, DMD

Born in Rhode Island but raised in Boynton Beach, Dr. LaViola has called South Florida home since childhood. He attended grade school at St. Mark Christian School in Boynton Beach and completed high school at Lake Worth Christian School. Dr. LaViola then matriculated at Florida Atlantic University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. After working in finance for a short period of time, Dr. LaViola realized his true calling to follow in his father's footsteps as a dentist. Dr. LaViola graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine in 2005.

Dr. LaViola is a member of several professional organizations and is involved in many areas of continuing education including: DEAL Seattle Study Club, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Completed CE at the KOIS center, Oral Implantology Residency at the Atlantic Coast Research Clinic, and Academy of General Dentistry. Dr LaViola's passion for interdisciplinary oral health care and commitment to growth through continuing education facilitates his practice mission to deliver comprehensive dental care with the highest level of quality, esthetics, service and comfort.

About OralCDx Laboratories

OralCDx Laboratories, a division of Oral Cancer Prevention International, Inc., is the worldwide, exclusive provider of the BrushTest™, utilizing patented and proprietary tissue sampling and cell analysis systems. The BrushTest™ is used by dentists and physicians to help prevent oral cancer, a disease that kills as many Americans as melanoma, twice as many as cervical cancer, and is rising among women, young people and non-smokers. Well over 25% of those found to have oral cancer do not use tobacco or abuse alcohol. Recent studies have also shown a link between HPV and an increase in oral cancer.

The BrushTest™ is taught in the majority of U.S. dental schools and is a covered benefit under Medicare, Medicaid and most private U.S. medical and dental insurance plans. The American Dental Association (ADA), in collaboration with OralCDx Laboratories, has recently embarked on a campaign to inform patients that because of the BrushTest™, oral cancer has joined the short list of cancers that can now be stopped, years before they can even start. The accuracy of OralCDx was demonstrated in one of the largest studies in oral medicine ever conducted, performed at 35 academic centers in the U.S., involving nearly 1,000 patients. This study was published as the cover story of the Journal of the American Dental Association and earned OralCDx the ADA’s prestigious Seal of Acceptance.

For more information on the OralCDx BrushTest™, visit www.oralcdx.com.

OralCDx Laboratories
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