Mobile Services to Mobilize the Indian Telecom Sector in Future

Improving network connectivity and strong government support are accelerating the growth of the Indian telecom industry, says a new research report on the Indian telecom sector.

Delhi, India, August 02, 2008 --( Mobile telephony has emerged as the fastest growing sector of the Indian telecom industry as it is adding 8 Million subscribers every month, making India the fastest growing market worldwide, says a new market report by RNCOS – “Indian Telecom Analysis (2008-2012)”.

The report says that the dramatic growth in the wireless telecom services in India has created a need for massive investment in infrastructure development, especially in passive, active and backhaul components. Therefore, the country is expected to require 3,30,000 network towers by the end of this decade from the present approximate value of 100,000. This will further add to the growth of overall Indian telecom industry. It’s therefore not surprising that the mobile subscriber base in India is forecasted to grow at an unprecedented CAGR of 15.3% by the end of 2012.

But the growth will not be confined to urban India; telecom access to rural areas is going to be the most crucial development in India after the Green Revolution, says the report. In the last financial year (2007-08), total tele-density in the country reached 18.2% against 12.9% in 2006-07. Tele-density in urban areas was at 45% and 38%, while in rural areas, it was measured at 2.0% and 1.9% during the same period. To increase the penetration of telecom services in rural and remote areas and to accelerate growth in mobile service acceptability, the Indian government has been taking necessary initiatives, such as shared wireless infrastructure.

“Indian Telecom Analysis (2008-2012)” discusses the telecom market both geographically, and by difference services (like fixed-line and Internet). It thoroughly studies the market dynamics, and offers both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market. It thoroughly examines the key market issues, emerging trends and technologies, new avenues for growth, market forces, and competitive landscape in the market.

The RNCOS research gives an insight into the future prospects of the market and provides forecast on various industry segments, such as subscriber base of broadband, Internet, fixed-line telecom, and mobile telephony.

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