Visioneering Corporation Releases Unique Surveillance Video Server Family

New class of video server networks 4 or 8 or up to thousands of analog or IP security cameras through an intelligent video server. The CRYSTAL-i features NTSC/PAL D1 resolution at 30 frames per second, H.264-MPEG-4 compression, a built in 80GB DVR and unique image enhancement technology for crystal clear images.

Carlsbad, CA, April 26, 2006 --( Visioneering Corporation, a leading developer and supplier of digital media technologies today announced the availability of the CRYSTAL-i™ product line which includes video servers that enable from one to thousands of analog security cameras to be viewed simultaneously in real-time. These products offer the latest in feature set functionality including H.264 video compression, a built-in DVR, intelligent video analytics/motion detection and image enhancement.

The CRYSTAL-i™ MVS (Multiple Video Server) system allows the monitoring of up to eight analog security cameras simultaneously in D1 high resolution at 30 frames per second per channel. The MVS is IP addressable allowing the user to remotely monitor all eight cameras and record on a built-in 80 or 120 GB DVR for playback as needed. This cost-effective system delivers H.264, MPEG-4 or MJPEG compression technology with dynamically changeable resolutions including D1, CIF or QCIF. The CRYSAL-i systems transmit full D1 images that can be viewed as D1 images or scaled down to CIF or QCIF to see multiple images on a monitor. Then as a more detailed image is required, the operator can bring back the full D1 image for review. Other key features include video analytic software for intelligent motion detection, alarms, watermark for image integrity, dynamic control of the frame rate and bit rate when nothing is happening, intelligent PTZ control, easy to use and set-up menu (GUI) and a real-time image enhancement to bring out details previously unseen in light and dark areas simultaneously.

The Company also has released as part of the product family, the CRYSTAL-i SVS (Single Video Server) and SVD (Single Video Decoder) for single camera applications with D1 resolution at 30 frames per second that include all the multi-camera features and benefits. Additionally, Visioneering has announced the CRYSTAL-i VSB (Video Server Blade) that enables thousands of cameras to be monitored simultaneously in D1, CIF or QCIF resolution at 30 frames per second. The VSB offers 16 blades (single cameras) per backplane, 4 backplanes per 4u system to interface up to 256 cameras in QCIF at 30 frames per second. For casinos, department stores, airports and other facilities that use hundreds or thousands of security cameras, the CRYSTAL-i VSB offers a cost-effective solution.

“With the CRYSTAL-i™ product line, we have addressed surveillance customer needs for a cost effective, full function video server for a wide variety of applications”, stated Robert Wallin, Visioneering’s founder and CTO. According to Visioneering CEO Peter Guest, “An example is the CRYSTAL-i™ MVS enabling the police or military to install multiple cameras on a patrol vehicle, a lapel camera on the officers or soldiers, and tie in a camera from an overhead helicopter or UAV with the real-time high quality digital video being transmitted to headquarters for review and coordination. Other applications for the CRYSTAL-i™ MVS include retail surveillance, transportation systems, taxis, city streets, casinos and homeland security. Visioneering is involved in many of these applications today.”

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