, the World's Foremost Producer of Music Loops is Going Green

One of the premier suppliers of music loops for musicians and music producers, is doing their part to save the planet and be more eco-conscious.

Granville, Trinidad and Tobago, August 05, 2008 --( Since the year 2001, has been producing music software for music producers and musicians. Music loops and sound sample CDs featuring everything from Electric Guitar and Vintage Synthesizer Loops to exotic sound collections featuring authentic ethnic instruments and even full symphonic orchestras. Since Apple came on the market with their very popular Garageband software, many more people discovered the joy of creating their own musical compositions through the use of loops on their home computer which increased the demand for music loops CDs even more.

Last year, made the decision to become more eco-aware and to make purchasing loops easier for their customers at the same time. All of their CD titles have been converted into multiple smaller, downloadable loops packages that now can be purchased for instant download. This not only reduces the use of CDs (a non renewable on non-degradable resource) but also reduces pollution since downloadable (digital) items don't have to be shipped or packaged saving on packaging materials and fuel to transport the items to the customers.

However, the company wanted to go even further, contemplating how to make their larger loops collections that were just too big to be easily downloaded eco-friendly. Their solution was to convert all of their full CD Titles to multi-title DVD Roms thereby reducing the amount of disc that needed to be manufactured and shipped. "This new concept is not only saving on shipping and packaging but it also allows our customers to order more titles at a reduced price and without waiting (or paying for) shipping. There are still a lot of customers that prefer a actual physical item to be delivered rather than to order a download and this concept bridges the gap between the two" says AcidMusicLoops' Alan Steward.

Here is how it works: Acidmusicloops combines up to 6 full length CD titles that are similar in style unto one DVD Rom. If a customer orders one of these CD Loops Titles, he gets the full DVD-Rom and a unlock code for the title he bought. If he wants to buy more loops CD titles from that DVD-Rom, he can go online, order an additional unlock code and get immediate use of his purchase without having to wait for an additional CD to arrive.

"We are able to pass on these savings to the customer and these additional titles are available at a lower than retail price and we are doing our small part to save the planet at the same time", says Alan Steward. has dozens of Loops CD titles available on eco-friendly multi-title DVDs now. is headed by Alan Steward, a record producer, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist who worked in the studio for many Grammy winning artists from the legendary Temptations to the chart topping Baha Men. His latest album "Pop Icon" is in stores right now and his latest single "Underdog" is climbing the charts. By using one of AcidMusicLoops many offerings, musicians and producers can infuse a little bit a Alan Steward's flavor into their music productions by using some of Alan's loops. It's like having a guest artist on your record without having to pay big money for recording time and session fees.

Alan Steward