Finally Launched

After 2 months of beta testing the project has finally gone public. The functionality it offers to its users is currently unparalleled.

San Francisco, CA, August 06, 2008 --( The public release has been anticipated for nearly 2 months and now the website has finally offered free registration to everyone. The website is not just one of the largest archives with guitar chords and tablatures on the internet, it offers its users many new functions that cannot be found at other websites for guitar players. project is focused on its users – it lets them post videos of themselves playing various songs. Other users are then able to comment on those performances and rate them. This way the website is expected to build a large community of guitar players in the following months.

From a technical point of view, the website offers many other functionalities. Users are able to use the auto-scroller which scrolls the page for them while they are playing. They can also transpose all of the songs into different keys if they have problems singing along. When searching for chords by a specific artist, the website provides interesting information about the artist. If users are unsure how to deal with certain chords, they are shown the chord diagrams. New functionality is added almost every week to ensure the best possible experience for the users.

“Our whole team is really determined to build a web project that will offer guitar players around the world everything they need,” indicated Anze Sustar, founder of the project. Stay tuned for more news from Team.

Anze Sustar