Anthony Campbell Releases His New Inspirational Book, "The Dissecting and Deceptions of the Enemy, While Returning Back to Love, Life, and God"

How does a person resist the enemies deceptions and temptations, and be victorious in love, life, and their relationship with the Lord?

Phoenix, AZ, May 08, 2006 --( Anthony Campbell answers this question in his inspirational book, “The Dissecting and Deceptions of the Enemy, While Returning Back to Love, Life, and God.” This book has an influential message in these times of deception and controversy about the bible. Anthony has been awarded Editors Choice Award from and the International Library of Poetry, and you can view samples of his poems on website as well as his poems have been featured in books and CD’s.

Delores Thornton, voted “Queen of Promotion,” by C & B Books of New York states, “Anthony has a powerful message.” She is the founder of Marguerite Press and has been inducted into the Self Publisher Hall of Fame. Anthony is the very first client for her new organization and is featured on her talk show and website Marguerite Press PR.

“The Dissecting and Deceptions of the Enemy, While Returning Back to Love, Life, and God,” describes how a man’s faith has enabled him to succeed and overcome his many trials. His story explains the enemy deceptions and the untold story of lucifer, and then gives a description of his life events and how his relationship with God has helped him to overcome deaths and self destruction. Anthony states, “In this book I wanted to give a meaningful overview of the importance of knowing what God has for us. In this book I am trying to give a message of Love, Life, and Hope and I am redirecting many brothers and sisters towards a revealing truth of life in the capacity of finding total guidance and understanding in the relationship of knowing Jesus. If you have any unanswered questions and concerns about a fulfilling life, I will advise you to read this book.”

Anthony worked for several years as a youth counselor. He graduated with his BS in sociology and studied Theology. His is currently writing several books, “My Father’s Promise,” “The Day I Said Enough, The Day I Should Have Said No,” and his poetry book, “The Untold Story,” which is in the publishing process.

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ISBN: 1-4137-9708-3

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