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callAgent, an Agent to Work for you - from Anywhere

An innovative service that provides the missing link in web based search of connecting two parties once they have found each other.

Los Angeles, CA, April 28, 2006 --( Merchants and advertisers are using internet as one of the tools in their marketing mix for sale of their products and services.

Traditional push methods like email are employed to contact potential customers, however with the problems like spamming, ISP’s and mail service providers have become more and more strict about which emails needs to be filtered and sometimes legitimate emails could also be getting rejected.

The newer methods like pay per click is based on pull strategy to pull customers whenever they search for the product or service they are looking for. In this case, the advertiser pays whenever somebody clicks on the links that are displayed in the results window. This method although popular has become prevalent with fraud with fraudulent clicks resulting in higher pay_per_click cost for the advertiser.

Enter Renium’s innovative service callAgent that can be used to connect a potential customer to a merchant or advertiser. It comprises of a “Call Me” button that can be embedded in an html page on the advertiser’s website or it can be attached as an email signature in an email campaign. The caller doesn’t pay for the call, and since the caller clicks on the button, it means that he or she has an intention to know more or ultimately buy the product or service from the merchant.

Also since traditional phone calling is used, the two parties are not tethered to the computer for communication like in email or chat service. This button also allows thousands of small businesses who do not have website presence to reach millions of potential customers.

Applications like realty, social networking, and buy-sell broker services are good candidates for using this button wherein contact between two parties is desired as an efficient means of communication.

To setup callAgent button, the merchant needs to signup for an account on, add the follow-me numbers based on his availability schedule and get ready to receive calls from potential customers or business partners. It’s that easy.

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