DSN3G Launches New Cellular Based Digital Sign Network System

Digi-AdServices LLC’s Cellular Based Digital Sign Network Passes Final Testing: Full Wireless Management of Digital Signage Now Available.

Madisonville, KY, August 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Digi-AdServices Network (DSN), a digital signage systems provider, today announced that its new cellular based digital sign network system has completed final testing. The new full wireless digital sign network system called DSN3G represents the next evolutionary phase of digital out of home signage deployment. The DSN3G system has been developed in response to requests to provide a system that can be installed and administered without interfering with existing IT network infrastructures. Now businesses around the world can “disconnect” from traditional hardwired networks and “reconnect” in a fully wireless environment. Cables and routers are no longer required as each DSN3G system is accessible via a cellular connection through a web based interface.

The only requirement for a DSN3G digital sign network is the ability to receive a cellular signal and an electrical outlet. The system has been designed for ease of use without I.T. department involvement or expensive supporting network infrastructure. “The digital media player’s web-based interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use” says DSN3G CTO Eric Dytzel. “Network status reports are generated automatically and on demand providing information on the status of not only the media player but the digital display monitor. Changes to displays are immediate and updates are easy to handle.”

In addition to controlling the display of each monitor on the network, DSN3G’s web interface allows for control of the digital monitor itself by locking down the ability to turn the monitor on or off as well as volume control. “The ease of use of this system is truly remarkable” says Cecil Chaney, DSN3G Chief Operating Officer. “DSN3G is designed to be installed and deployed at any level from single owner proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies in need of a one hundred screen or more installation anywhere in the United States. We can serve all segments of the market, large or small.” In addition to the deployment of new digital signage networks, DSN3G’s cellular based system is perfect for retrofitting existing hard wired digital sign networks. “The less equipment and infrastructure involved in a digital signage network the less chance for a problem or equipment malfunction” says Cecil. “We have taken out one of the major hurdles to digital sign deployments.”

DSN3G is a full service digital signage network provider located in Madisonville, Kentucky providing total out of home advertising solutions to small and large businesses. For more information on cellular based digital sign networks contact DSN3G at www.DSN3G.com or call 270-836-6096 or 270-836-6772

Eric Dytzel
Cecil Chaney