Identity & Access Management Industry Booming High to Manage Identity Crisis

Rising need for efficient security systems to curb online identity fraud cases and to protect the valuable data is driving the identity & access management industry globally.

Delhi, India, August 08, 2008 --( The identity management services industry will grow at a CAGR of nearly 7.3% during the period spanning from 2007 to 2011, forecasts “Identity & Access Management Services”, a new research report by RNCOS.

As per the report, increasing security issues, along with the rising number of identity-related fraud cases, causing a loss of billions of dollars, is expected to push growth in the identity and access management industry worldwide. Also, identity-proof services will play a key role in fighting against fraud and building online reputation. Thus, the increasing number of corporate customers, large or small, is looking for identity and access management solutions to automate the process of managing and securing access to valuable data, thus ensuring high growth in the identity and access management industry in coming years.

Businesses will continue to embrace authentication, access control and audit elements of the identity management infrastructure, says the research report. Consumers, on the other hand, will represent the growth factor with greatest potential for the fortifying authentication market.

Gaining support from the growing security needs, the companies are raising their spending on security-related technologies and initiate the process of binding of different security components into one integrated system that protects the entire network. Also, the rising usage of identity and Web-based services will create the demand for security software that efficiently protects user administration, authorization, and authentication.

“Identity & Access Management Services” is an extensive research with detailed analysis on the global identity management industry. It helps clients to understand the industry dynamics and its various aspects like opportunities, challenges and growth drivers so that they could take right business decision.

In addition, the report gives forecast on identity management compliance solutions market, hardware token authentication market and m-commerce market. The forecast given in the report is based on correlation between past market growth and growth of base drivers and is intended as a rough direction to which the market is likely to move.

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