Canadian Artist Robert Berlin Featured in Chicago Gallery

Robert Berlin's latest photographs are highlighted in PHOTOFUSION at Gallery KH in Chicago now through late August.

Chicago, IL, August 08, 2008 --( Daguerreotypes, while representing one of the earliest forms of photography, manifests a unique visual and compelling quality for the photographer Robert Berlin. Fascinated with the depth and luminosity within a daguerreotype, Berlin began to explore the light reflecting off the metal surface and back through the image. This interest led to the experimentation of translucent photo-images fused onto metal surfaces. Progressing this technique, Berlin soon found the fusion of translucent color with aluminum plate and Plexi provided an enhanced saturation and intensity that became responsive to the viewing angle.

On aluminum plates and Plexi, Berlin records written and painted traces, the social and spiritual graffiti of shrouded cultures. Isolated fragments from diverse communities, dislocated from their sources and almost abstract in their presentation, provide an unusual narrative. For Berlin, these fragments become an iconographic vocabulary that is foreign and distant, yet compelling and intimate.

“Rudolf Arnheim once wrote: ‘whereas the painter invents, the photographer discovers...’ In my work I seek to transcend the traditional definitions. I paint through my photography and I photograph from a painter’s viewpoint so that hopefully the result is neither painting nor photography but something else, ambiguously perched, precariously, between the two mediums.”-Robert Berlin

Located in the heart of Chicago's River North Gallery District, Gallery KH presents an outstanding collection of significant contemporary artists working in a variety of styles and media. For further information on the artwork of Rober Berlin, please contact the gallery: 312-642-0202.

Gallery KH
Shannon K. Rather