Critics Applaud Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame DVD

Bethpage, NY, August 09, 2008 --( The Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame DVD has received rave reviews from critics, reports Izzi Lifshutz, one of the DVD's producers and one-time basketball player at Jerusalem's Hebrew University.

The DVD is a rare collection containing the most complete action history of the twentieth century's legendary Jewish basketball players. It brings to life over thirty players in all their glory for the first time. And, talk about nostalgia, the DVD is narrated by the famous voice of American sports, Marty Glickman.

"[The DVD is] a document, not a documentary," writes Jeffrey S. Gurock, a noted Jewish Sports authority and Professor of Jewish History at New York's Yeshiva University. In his review, appearing in both The Long Island Jewish World and the Manhattan Sentinel, he goes on to describe how the DVD, "provide[s] the sources needed to chronicle the exploits of Jewish hoopsters whose names and accomplishments have long been forgotten…stories [that] will provoke not only trivia but serious thoughtful discussion."

Noted sports writer Eliezer Cohen, whose column "Sports Plus" appears in the Jewish Press, writes that the DVD, "is a fantastic collection of rare footage and in-depth history of over 30 legendary Jewish Basketball players. Covering the three decades from the 1950's through the 70's, you get to experience some greats from college and NBA fame." Underscoring the DVD's relevance to sports today, he then concludes, "There is even a nice piece on Nancy Lieberman who played for 3 professional leagues."

In addition to the DVD, JewishPrideSportsHeroes LLC owns a website that it recently launched: The site contains elements of the Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame, a trailer for the DVD, a forum on Jewish athletes and a clip of Izzi playing basketball. There is also a shopping cart on the site where visitors may purchase the DVD for their own collection or as gift for others.

The owner of the DVD is JewishPridesSportsHeroes, LLC, a Bethpage, NY-based Company. Its mission is to present the story of the Jewish contribution to basketball and the enormous impact Jewish athletes made to sports in the twentieth century. For additional information or to inquire about sponsorships and fundraising opportunities, contact Izzi Lifchutz at JewishPrideSportsHeroes, LLC, 1055 Stewart Avenue, suite 18, Bethpage, NY 11714, or by phone at 516-719-4555 ext 106.

Jewish Pride Sports Heroes, LLC
Izzy Lifschutz