Does Obama Share E-Score® Attributes with Britney and Paris as Alleged by McCain?

Encino, CA, August 09, 2008 --( According to E-Poll's Celebrity Ranking service E-Score, while the McCain team may have grabbed onto similarities in key E-Score popularity traits of the young starlets that made for an interesting ad, the McCain campaign must have inadvertently left off some of the other prestigious celebrities/newsmakers that the E-Score database lined up more closely with Barack Obama.

One that stands out is the Republican icon, Ronald Reagan. Obama and Reagan line up very well in all key attributes such as Intelligence and Confidence, and both exhibit the star quality that helped Reagan capture so much of the nation's attention in his campaign. Obama falls short on Reagan's post presidency Experience score which leads one to wonder how Reagan would have scored on the experience attribute leading up to the 1980 election.

Other notables lining up closely with Obama are Tony Blair, Michael Caine, the late Tim Russert and Stephen Colbert. Similar traits within Obama's group are Confidence, Intelligence, Articulate and Influential.

If Obama's campaign wanted to do a 'back at you' to McCain, what personalities does he bring to the table? Interestingly, Bill Cosby and Robin Williams line up well with McCain's traits in that they have a close match in Confidence, Influential and Experience attributes. While neither McCain nor Williams have the highest Articulate scores, McCain does edge out the comedian in Experience. If McCain envies the celebrity spotlight, he can certainly latch onto Hollywood's tough guy, Clint Eastwood, with whom he shares Intelligence, Experience and Confidence. Other notable matches for McCain's personality profile are Bill O'Reilly, Larry King, Samuel Jackson and Ed Asner (TV's Lou Grant).

By the way, Paris Hilton's video poking fun at the McCain ad demonstrates many of the traits that keep her the darling of the press: Glamorous, Sexy, Kooky/Wacky. If E-Score could only measure the merits of her plan to solve the energy crisis.

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